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Penn Foster - Travel Agent

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If I had it to over again, I might not choose Penn Foster


I chose Penn Foster because the payment plan was EASY and ultra affordable.  I was already into the travel industry and wanted to take this course to aquire SABRE training (the software that most airlines use to book travel) and my IATAN (International Air Travel Agent Number).  I breezed through the first half of the course, but then my husband became critically ill and I had to stop all together - it ended up costing me $150.00 EXTRA ($75. extension fee, twice) to extend the completion date.  My husband is still ill and I am having BIG trouble finishing the course - the "instructor", Russell Day has been a total JERK about it.  He was also rude when I pointed out NUMEROUS mistakes in the textbooks (WRONG answers!).  NOW, before I am finished - Penn Foster has CHANGED the course and it is now called "Travel Specialist".  Some of the materials have changed and I still have the OLD stuff.  One test changed DRAMATICALLY and Russel Day told me that if I don't pass this ONE test that I will fail the course - The test consists of calling the test line and reading a "script" so that I (any student) can be judged on articulation etc.  This is a TRAVEL AGENT COURSE - NOT A DRAMA/ACTING CLASS!!!  I am angry - ALso, they wont ship me any more of my COMPLETELY PAID for course books etc. until I take THAT "drama" test!  MORE ANGER!!!  Don't know what I'm gonna do yet - trying to contact Connie Dempsy - I hear SHE is THE BOSS!!!

Rockport, TX


Penn Foster - Travel Agent

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