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Penn Foster - Medical Billing and Coding Certificate

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I attend Penn Foster University, I very much enjoy their program


I attend Penn Foster University myself, I dropped out of high school and with Penn Foster I have the opportunity to achieve my goal and also work while I do it. You receive your work books in the mail, or you can read them online. You take an exam at the end of each unit you complete and there is between 2-6 units in one subject. You have the choice of taking your exams online, over the phone, or by mail. I submit my online because you receive your answers the minute you're done. I would definately recommend Penn Foster to other people, whether it be to get their high school diploma or take college classes.

Brandywine, MD


Quality education at your door.


I began the online medical billing and coding certificate program a few months ago. I have had nothing but great results with this program. The books are delivered on time, the web classes are packed with information, and the staff is extremely helpful. I would definately recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn about the medical coding and billing field without attending formal classroom training.

Pittston, PA


Penn Foster - Medical Billing and Coding Certificate

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