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Penicillin Antibiotic medication

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Penicillin is an antibiotic wonder drug


We probably don't give too much thought to the miraculous abilities of **Penicillin** today. Antibiotics are widely prescribed and, in some peoples' views, they are used too frequently. However, a world without **Penicillin** would be a scary one, as any infection could lead to serious health consequences, including death. I've been prescribed **Penicillin** twice in the last several months for an infection related to a bad tooth. For reasons not worth venturing into, the tooth cannot be pulled at this time, but a painful abscess keep developing. It not only hurts, but leaves an awful taste in my mouth. Yuck. Enter **Penicillin**, which kills off the bacteria and prevents the infection from spreading. One drawback of this antibiotic is that is clears out of the body quickly - in just a few hours. Currently I am taking four 500 mg tablets each day, or about 1 week. The positive affects were apparent in less than 48 hours, as the infection subsided. However, I have to keep taking the pills to keep the infection at bay. There are some side affects to** Penicillin** worth considering. I sometimes get a mild case of queasiness in my stomach. However, some people have much worse experiences. Allergic reactions to **Penicillin** can include -  hives -  rashes -  white patches on your tongue -  difficulty breathing -  diarrhea. In serious cases the person should seek medical attention immediately and carry an I.D. card indicating an allergy this drug in the future. **Penicillin** can also interact with other medications and can dilute the effectiveness of some birth control pills. As always, alert you doctor to any other medications you are taking before using **Penicillin**. Overall I have to rate **Penicillin** as 5 stars. It's ability to kill dangerous infections has saved countless lives since it's invention around World War II, and for most people it can be taken safely.


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Penicillin Antibiotic medication

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