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Pelouze General Purpose Digital Scales 5lb. Capacity

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The simpliest of scales!!


The Pelouze Model SP5, 5 pound,  Digital Postal Scale is great for weighing a variety of items. Traditionally considered a digital postage scale, it can be used effectively for a multitude of kitchen applications or office applications. I use mine for weighing books before listing them for my business. This scale weighs in both 0.2 ounce or 0.5 gram increments. The capacity of this scale is 5lbs or 2 kg. There is a built in auto shut-off feature which is great for saving the life of your battery (1 - 9 Volt battery).  Low Battery Warning feature as well. There is also a built in Tare Function, which allows you to weigh the packaging and then determine the weight of just the contents. Handy if you are filling a bottle with a certain gram amount of content!!  This handy little scale (6" x 9") is easy to take along if you require a portable scale. It is durable and heavy duty. Easy to read LCD display which is bright and big. However, when you have an oversized package on the scale it is hard to read the displayer at times.    


KaryneBailey, MN


The pelouze scale is good for baking


I really got interested in baking a few years ago. After about a year of mixed results I purchased this scale. I purchased the scale for several reasons. The first was the amount of overall weight that the scale could hold was high. I wasn't worried about having to meausre something and then transfer it to another bowl. I can weigh it all out in one bowl for less cleanup. A huge plus. The second nice feature in the tare button. You can place and vessel on the scale and hit tare and it goes back to zero so you can measure the item in the bowl without the weight of the bowl. And one of my surprise favorite aspects of the scale is that is has more than one weight measurment. you can weigh in ounces or grams. I didn't realize how handy that was until I started using more european recipes that had recipes written differently. I didn't have to work out the conversions before I attempted the recipe. Since owning the scale my baking has improved. I feel there is much more accuracy and consistancy. All bakers should have a scale.


Hermitage, TN


This scale is easy to use and accurate to postal standards.


This is a great , inexpensive scale for smaller packages, although larger ones make it harder to read the display . It is easily portable ,lightweight, battery operated and therefore, transportable to any room in the house. You can use it for work or in the kitchen. It is sealed and wipes clean from any spills.


Hillsborough, NC


accurate - but not readable with oversized packages


Nice compact little unit. ok for small parcels or envelopes. Larger envelopes have to be balanced on end, and larger parcels have to have a spacer added underneath (be sure to wiegh separately), to raise the package up so that you can see the display. 9V battery lasts a long time (thanks to the automatic shut-off feature). And the battery operation, combined with the compact and lightweight size makes it easy to take with me when I have to go on location or take work with me when I need to go out of town.  


Apple Valley, CA


When you absolutely, positively have to get it right


I bought my first Pelouze SP5 Digital Scale a few years ago when I needed a scale for weighing items being sold on Ebay.  Selling a number of relatively light-weight items each day I realized that getting my shipping costs both accurate and as low as possible would put more money in my pocket.  And that's a good thing. As time went on I found several other uses for it.  It finds its way into my kitchen and my lab. When I first bought this scale it was sold under the Sunbeam brand. **Pelouze SP5 Digital Scale** Powered by a 9V battery the  **Pelouze SP5 Digital Scale **is light-weight and takes up little room.  When turned on, the scale calibrates itself and defaults to displaying weight in ounces.  Press the oz/gr button and the scale displays the weight in grams.  A very nice feature of this scale is the **Tare** function. When you're weighing ingredients that have to be poured into a container you don't want the scale to include the weight of the container.  By placing the container on the scale and pressing the Tare button, the scale is set back to "0" so the weight of the container is not considered. The capacity of the **Pelouze SP5 Digital Scale**is 5lb. or 2.2 kilos.  For smaller packages it is an ideal scale that can be purchased on-line for as little as $28.  In fact, I think I paid that for my last one in OfficeDepot. **Other Uses** Over the years my Ebay activity has wained, but my use of this scale hasn't.  As many of you know I enjoy making natural soaps and other skin-care preparations.  To get the best and safest results, precise measurements of ingredients such as sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide is very important.  This scale is ideal for this application.  Since my soap batches are generally 64 ozs., I'm safely within the capacity of the scale. I use the scale in my kitchen as well.  While I'm usually not very precise with my measurements here ( I subscribe to the Rachael Ray school of eye-balling it), sometimes I want to add precisely a half pound of something I can't seem to estimate.  That's when the scale comes in handy. **Careful!** The scale has little rubber pads on the bottom that generally stop it from sliding, but I have broken a couple of these over the years when they slipped out of my wet or oily hands.  Trust me when I tell you that when your **Pelouze SP5 Digital Scale**makes the sudden introduction to your ceramic tile floor, it is crying time.  They seldom survive the fall.  Outwardly they appear fine but the weight sensor seems to go berserk.  Avoid dropping. **My Viewpoint** I like this scale for several chores around the house and in my work.  If you need a small easy to read, accurate scale, this is the one that gets my recommendation. Rudi    


Boca Raton, FL


Pelouze General Purpose Digital Scales 5lb. Capacity

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