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Pelonis Portable Oil-Filled Electric Radiator Heater

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Surprisingly warm


I was really surprised by my Pelonis personal and portable oil heating unit. Simply by plugging it into the wall and turning up the heat, it was able to drastically change the temperature of my room, providing comfort in the winter months. Needless to say, this device did fairly well, but because of its small size and lack of a true open flame it cannot adequately heat a whole house or very large rooms. This device is best used in small rooms and with people sitting near it, as the heating effect it can create is limited. This also presents a bit of a safety risk, as the outside of the unit becomes very hot to the touch as the oil heats up and circulates. I have burned myself a time or two, but nothing serious just from moving it around or touching it too soon after unplugging. Another consideration is the cost of electricity to heat the rooms you have and how long to run the heater. Consider all of these before relying on one of these great machines.



waste of money


I tried two of these and was bitterly disappointed in the quality and the company, as I tried calling them twice for support. Performance It worked for a short time. Some heat, but not like the better ones. Ease of Use It's difficult to use it when the knobs break. Durability did not exist Design would have been nice to have knobs that did not break and could not use the unit without them I telephoned customer service twice requesting the knobs, offered to pay for them, gave them all my information, but never heard from them

Amboy, WA


The Pelonis Heater is ok..


I'm using this heater right now. I think it's an okay heater. It doesn't heat up the ENTIRE room.. well, perhaps a bit. But it is best use for close proximity. Like if you plan to use it and you are cold, it is best to sit next to it. Kind of like a fire. But I guess that's how these things work. Although it did not warm me up one cold night. I was sleeping with sweats, blanket and this heat right next to me and I was still freezing. But the coldest is around maybe the 40's or 50's in my area. Perhaps it's because this heater may be old; it was given to me by a friend who didn't need it anymore. OR perhaps it was just THAT cold that night. I mean it's still keeping me pretty warm. Like when I walk into the room from the hallway, the room is quite warm. It's also very easy to use, pretty simple and straight forward. You plug it in, and adjust the level of heat you want, low, med, high; as well as how much of that heat, min, max. Easy heat.

San Jose, CA


average radiator heater


I like to use radiator heaters during cold months because I can warm my clothes or socks and gloves on them for a few minutes. It makes enduring cold winter months a bit easier, and since I don't like to use my apartment's gas heater, this radiator heater works ok for me. This Pelonis heater is lightweight and small which makes it easy to move around the apartment, especially with the convenience of wheels on the bottom. It doesn't warm up my room as well as my previous radiator heater, which was not a Pelonis, but a Marvin. This heater works ok, not great, and not bad. It doesn't impress me very much though. I wish I could trade this for my old heater because my old one worked better at warming up my small room. For the price I paid, I could have and should have purchased a better radiator heater, but I can't complain too much about this one. It's light, works decently, and even though it takes awhile to warm up, it does the job.

Stockton, CA


Pelonis Portable Oil-Filled Electric Radiator Heater

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