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Pelonis Portable Electric Heater

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keeps us warm


This heater may be small, but it sure can heat a room. Performance It works better than my bigger heater. Ease of Use Turn the knobs. Not that difficult. Durability It has lasted a few years. Our other heaters have already been replaced. Design Pretty simple. Safety So far so good..It cuts off if knocked over, or you sit too close.



Pelonis space heater is theBest little heater ever


My mother in law gave me the Pelonis Space Heater HB-310 and I am amazed at how well this little unit heats a room. Not only does it heat the entire room, but it allows you to pick how much heat and stops running when temp. is reached. I recommend this little heater to everyone I know. This heater is safe. The face plate doesn't get too hot to touch. The outer casing stays cool and is light weight. This little heater fits anywhere. My house heater recently went down and the portability of this little heater kept me warm and toasty in ever room.

Newark, DE


Pelonis Space Heater is great for small places


My husband always likes to keep our house rather cold, and so during the winter times when it's really snowing, I have a hard time staying warm even in my own house! Finally he let me buy this space heater, and I have been loving it ever since. I typically plug it in in my room and close the door almost all the way just a bit before I get ready to go to sleep, and when I come in to the room and turn it off everything is much more pleasant! I also like the fact that the temperature is adjustable, and it has really great safety features so that if it tips over it will automatically shut off. It was also a pretty good price. The only complaint I really have is that it doesn't work as well in my living room or kitchen, because they are bigger areas in general. But since I don't have as much need to heat those areas in my home I have found this heater to be very functional and useful. I'd recommend it to anyone in my situation.

Springville, UT


This little heater is a workhorse


The Pelonis HB-310 is a great heater for the money. When I first took it out of the box I figured it wouldn't do much but boy was I wrong.  I immediately turned it on and a ton of hot air blew out.  I realized that it would do a fine job in a small bedroom or to heat a chilly bathroom in the morning.  It's not big enough to warm a large room (although it would provide some heating and be better than nothing), but for a smaller area, I think it does a good job.  The fan is not excessively noisy (I had it on right next to me while sleeping), and it's lightweight, easy to carry, and has variable speeds. It doesn't oscillate from side to side, but I wasn't looking for that. It's safe, doesn't overheat or worry me from that angle, and I feel good about my purchase. 

Sacramento, CA


Pelonis spacce heater is quiet and effectant.


               I have oil heat and I use a space heater for my living room when we are watching TV in the winter. The Pelonis space heater was a great addition to my heating system this year.

Factoryville, PA


Cold? Grab a Pelonis-it'll warm you right up!


I work in the basement of a facility that feels as if the temperature is always thirty below zero. It's terrible. Ive since purchased a Pelonis space heater and have never regretted it. Ive had it two years and It still works incredibly well even to this day. It rotates from side to side and allows temp adjustment based on conditions present. It also functions under e-save which conserves energy. Any steps toward becoming more green with the economy the way it is, is fine by me. I highly recommend this product

Salt Lake City, UT


Pelonis Portable Electric Heater

4.3 6