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Pelonis Portable Ceramic Heater

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Outstanding Heater


Had this little heater for over 8 years. Bought to use in our pop up trailer in winter. When got a large travel trailer, probably 250 sq ft of open space, this heater keeps on chugging. I never had to use the high fan setting and keep heat setting about a quarter of the button. In 30 deg weather keeps the trailer above 50 deg all night long. Never gets too hot to touch and the cord never got either. I will but again.

Seattle, Wa


Can you say "Carrie's favorite heater"?


Well, I guess I'm here to write about it so it hasn't burnt my house down yet, but it tries all the dang time. It smells like it could catch fire any minute so we really only use it in the open garage any more where it can't catch anything immediately close on fire. It overheats quickly and was never even safe enough for the kids to sit within 3 feet of. The temperature control doesn't ever work the same way twice and frankly, once I find one worth buying, this thing is getting trashed after I rip out the cord so I'm not responsible for burning down a second-hander's house instead. Performance Performs great... if you want the insurance money from your homeowner's policy. Ease of Use If you turn it on 3/4, it should heat to the same temp each time. Not 95 one time and won't even turn on the next. Durability Hey, it's still running after overheating about 200 times, gotta give it credit for that... Design I won't repeat myself. Safety Again, scroll up.

Arvada, CO


Not Very Powerful


I bought this heater solely for the price. I planned to use it to add some warmth to the bedroom before I go to sleep. I like to turn down the heat before bed, but I need something to take the edge off as I drift off. This heater really did not make much of a difference in my home, even in a fairly small 8x10 room. I see that most of the other reviews here on Viewpoints are positive and I wonder if this would have been more effective used in a small bathroom. My home is also particularly drafty, so it may be that this heater is okay but needs a space that will trap the smaller amount of warmth it generates compared to a larger, more powerful heater. It works well when you are standing right in front of it and is fairly quiet, so it may be a great option for placing under a desk or table where you'll be sitting and working.It has a fan option which I also found to be weak.

Decatur, GA


This heater works!


The Pelonis 0014 Fan Forced Heater was bought with the intentions to use for the bathroom, especially during the winter/cold season.  This was an inexpensive heater so I was not sure what to expect. I have a good size bathroom (seperate shower and tub and toilet in a sperate area) and not smaller one.  This heater is able to easily heat the bathroom up with no problems. I usually put it on the highest or wamrest setting.  There are three heater setting and then a cool air fan setting.  The fan itself is not too big and fits on the counter easily.  The only option available where I purchased it was white.  The heater is not the greatest looking but does the job right for the money.  I have owned the heater for years now and it hasworked fine. I have had no problems of it over heating or shorting out.  The heater is not too noisy but does have a sort of rattle when it first turns on (not sure if this is just mine and I can not remember if it did that when I first bought it).  This is a heater I would recommend for a smaller area like a bathroom or office but not for a bedroom sized room.

Fort Worth, TX


Small but Powerful


Winter hit early this year in Colorado, so we decided to buy a small space heater to keep our room warm while we sleep at night.  We bought the Pelonis space heater because it has two speeds (high and low) and it oscillates.  Though this space heater is small (and therefore, doesn't take up much room), it provides more than enough heat for our room.  In fact, sometimes we have to turn it off after its been on for a while.  However, most of the time it just keeps the room feeling cozy.  In addition to the two speeds, this space heater also has a timer, so you can set the timer and not worry about forgetting to turn it off before you leave home.  You can also just set it on fan instead of high or low.  The oscillation feature is a button option, so you can keep the fan pointing in one direction or have it oscillate.  Overall, this space heater is a great buy!  In fact, I think you could save a lot of money by keeping your main house heater on low and using this small space heater to warm your rooms as needed.

Colorado Springs, CO


This little Pelonis Ceramic Heater sure pumps outs the heat!


Just last week I borrowed this from a co-worker and placed it under my desk because I was chilly--you know the drill--it's that awkard time of the year here in Chicago when one day it's 80 and the next it's 50 and your office building is still running the AC. Within a matter of minutes, the Pelonic HC-0120 0710 Ceramic Heater was quietly pumping out just what I needed--a steady stream of heat.

Chicago, IL


Very affordable.


This is a portable heater that is very economical to buy and to use.  Just plug it in and unit heats a studio in a very short time.  The heater has a fan and dial is for low or high heat.  It also has a power light and another dial for low to maximun heat.  The unit is compact and has a handle for easy lifting.  It is very light and quiet running.

Hyannis, MA


Pelonis Portable Ceramic Heater

3.9 7