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Pedestal Stand Fan
Pelonis FS40-B1 Pedestal Stand Fan

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Pelonis Stand Fan - love it!


The model number of the fan I have is actually FS40-G5. So, it might be slightly different than the B1. However, it looks the same in the picture. My family and I have 3 of these fans and have loved them! They are great to help circulate the air in any size of room - large or small. For the majority of the time, we used the fans in our bedrooms at night, before we installed ceiling fans. I love the way these fans rotate, have 3 different speeds, and even come with remote controls! Makes it really nice to adjust the fan speed during the middle of the night without having to get out of bed. We also used a fan in our living room during the day, to help circulate the air. If you don't have a ceiling fan in your room, these fans are the next best choice.

Newton, IL


Be easy on the plastic clips.


The fan functionally works well; however, I have broken one of the plastics clips that secures the front panel to the fan base and now it rattles like a mojo. Be careful with it when you clean it. You can easily break off a clip and ruin your fans quietness.

Taft, CA


A great supplement- Money saver in summer


I bought a **Pelonis** **FS40 **series Pedestal Stand Fan especially for the summer days. Our apartment is in the top floor and the biggest problem we had to face during summers is the heat waves and our electricity bills were incredibly high as the AC had to be turned on all the time. So I purchased this pedestal fan to help lower our bills and help us survive the heat. I bought this fan for our living room. This fan definitely solved its purpose and it gives a cool breeze all the time. It has great air circulation. Once in a while I dont turn on the AC and just keep this fan on and it worked. Optimal usage of this fan and the AC kept our bills under control. So I purchased one more **Pelonis FS40-G5 Pedestal Stand Fan **for our bedroom**. **This G5 version also proved to be a great buy. The only issue I had with this fan is that dust gets accumulated easily on the lid and plastic blades. But cleaning it is simple and so I do it once in a while and have no other issues

Middletown, CT


Great circulation


Among all the fans I have ever owned, the Pelonis stand fan is the best. I have been using it for my bedroom and it helps a lot in extremely hot days. Since I don't have air conditioning in my room, I rely on it for air circulation in summers. The fan can oscillate/turn in pretty wide angles that the breeze can reach multiple corners. Since I share a room with my sister, I am glad it has no problem keeping me and my sister cool while we were sitting in the opposite sides of the room. The fan is also easy to use. Just plug in the cord and turn the control radio. There are three levels of adjustment but I seldom go beyond a level of 2.  The biggest negatives are that the base occupies a lot of space. Also, the lid tend to store dust. I usually have to take off the lid to wash it two times each summer. Lastly, the power cord is a bit too short that it doesn't give you much flexibility to put it in places that are not close to power outlet. 

Endwell, NY


Good performance, annoying controls, died after 2 years.


The thermal cutoff is non-resettable, so even though it just needed to have the motor blown out with compressed air, it committed suicide. I did revive it by hacking in a new thermal cutoff, but a typical consumer wouldn't (and shouldn't have to) know how to do that. Buy another brand, unless you want a throwaway item.

Framingham, MA


Pelonis FS40-B1 Pedestal Stand Fan

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