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Pelonis Digital Oil-Filled Heater Model HO0228D

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poor quality product


After a little over 1 year of use (and past the 1 year warranty), the heater began to leak oil. Three months later it was dead. Very poor quality and would not recommend this produce. A one-star rating is generous.





This is an exceptional space heater! The range of temperatures allocated and the settings of low - high allow us to precisely choose optimal temperature conditions in our daughter's nursery. The digital format is straightforward and very easy to use. An effective and satisfactory product!



warm and steady


We have been happy with our Pelonis space heater. We bought it because our corner bedroom is very cold, and our babies do not typically keep their covers on. We have now had it 6 years, and it has done a good consistent job throughout that time. Since we have it in our kids' room, we were concerned that it does get warm to the touch, but it is not hot, and has never burned any of them. We just train them not to touch it. It has a digital screen and so you can input the time, and have it automatically shut off. The temperature setting is pretty vague--it has low, medium, and high settings, and then variations within those settings. We have just guessed as to what is appropriate for that room, and it has warmed the space fine. It has little wheels and we wheel it into a corner when not in use.

Seattle, WA


Keeps the room nice and toasty!


This space heater keeps the room nice and cozy. It works very well and doesn't take a lot of electricity. I think that it's a good product for the price. You should be cautious about where you place it though. Ours made a mark on our couch because it was too close to the couch. Ease of Use Very easy to use- just plug it in! Durability We have 3 of these and have had them for about 4 years, and they still work really well. Design It nice because it has wheels so you can easily move it around the room. It's kind of big, so not for small spaces. Safety The heater is warm to the touch when it its plugged in, but it's not hot like the stove. You should still be cautious around children though.



Pelonis Digital Oil-Filled Heater Model HO0228D

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