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Peg Perego
Peg Perego Pliko Travel System Stroller

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Safe, convenient and good looking!


The Peg Perego Pliko P3 Travel System Stroller is easily the best stroller I've ever owned. It's lightweight, folds up small and steers easily thanks to the two handle design. I'm 6' 1" tall and my husband is 6' tall so we both love that the handles are height-adjustable! My short mom likes how easily they are adjusted down for her too. My favorite feature though, is the versatility to have the baby face towards you or away. There are extensive studies proving the benefits of facing your infant towards you while walking so I was determined to Fi do a stroller with that option. The Peg Perego Pliko P3 Travel System Stroller fit the bill! I'm now using it for my third child and it still looks and works great. We've had a couple occasions when parts were needed (one time I broke a pin on one of the wheels and years later we decided to get a new pink cover when our third child turned out to be our first girl) and I can vouch for the amazing customer service that Peg Perego offers. I ended up ordering parts online and through the phone but found out they have repair centers too. It may cost a little more than other strollers but it's much better quality, is safer and lasts forever. It's a great investment.




Safety, style and comfort for you baby all in one!


The Peg Perego Travel system is a terrific product, it includes an infant car seat and stroller.  The car seat fits right into the stroller with relative ease, sometimes locking it into place takes a little finesse though. The stroller can also be used by itself, and allows for a lot of adjustment to make any age or size baby happy.  I love that the handlebar is adjustable, making it more comfortable for a shorter person to push.  This product is a little pricey, but I think it is of excellent quality and will last much longer than the cheaper stuff out there.  We've been tough on it so far and it still looks beatiful and works perfectly. 


Demotte, IN


Peg Perego is not worth the money


We got this set to upgade after our first 2 kids, and I have been mostly disappointed with it.  We have used it for our last 2 kids (yes...4 kids...its crazy).  The infant base and car seat are fine although the angle of the infant seat was strange when in the car.  The quality of the material was good considering it lasted 2 very large infant boys. The stroller is where we have had the most problems.  First, it is difficult to clean and reassemble should you have a major spill or something, which is common with babies and toddlers. Second, after some wear and tear, part of the stroller begin to bend making collapsing a bit of a chore.  To be honest, this was not a problem for quite awhile, so it may be irrelevant if you are only using this for one child. Third, the straps on the stroller were constantly difficult to use.  The plastic clip caught my fingers a number of times, but more than that, the straps would get stuck on the side of the stroller and get tangled.  Eventually (when we used this for the 2nd child), the straps actually broke entirely. All in all, some of these problems are from heavy use, which may not be your situation. Oh...and one more thing.  This unit was expensive, and I am pretty sure I could of had just as good/bad an experience with a unit that costs far less.


Valencia, CA


Well worth the money


When I started my search on carseats and strollers, I quickly decided on a travel system.  I like going out, and this allowed me to take my kids on walks with the system.  I chose the peg perego system for several reasons.  The stroller and carseat are sold serperatly, and you can purchase other items as well that can attach to either one.  I think with this stroller over others, there was more room in the bottom of the stroller.  I was able to store adn put a lot of things in the space, and weight never was a problem.  The car seat, just snaps in and out of the stroller. I also liked that this carseat snapped in and out of many shopping carts.  I have gone out with many moms who own other carseats, and aren't able to snap them into shopping carts.  then they have to put the baby in the basket and that greatly reduces what all you can purchase.  The stroller is very easy to manuver around.  My son loves playing with his sister and pushing her in the stroller, it is very light weight.  He is 6, and can push her without a problem, and he can fold and unfold the stroller and take it in and out of the car. 


Coopersville, MI


Hated it!


We received this from our baby registry and honestly, I only registered for this because of the name. Since then, we've bought two other strollers.  The Peg Perego looks nice, but it doesn't handle well at all. The canopy does not shade the baby whatsoever, so that made for grueling walks with a crying infant/toddler.  


Daytona Beach, FL


Great Purchase


We had my mom purchase our travel system for our first child.  At the time we were driving a 2 door vehicle.  Considering size limitations, it was relatively easy to get carrier seat in and out of the car.  I loved the bright blocks of read on the stroller.  This is supposed to be a stimulating color for infants. The stroller was easy to break down and set up.  We took it everywhere and never had a problem with wheels jamming or not turning correctly.  I also like that is came with a little clear rain protector.  It was a little pricey.  Like I said, we purchased ours online for about half of what it would normally cost and still paid more than what we could have gotten other brands for it.  But, three years after we purchased it, it was still working great and looked new.  The only other draw back is that you have to look a little harder for accessories such as extra car seat bases for this product because it is not made in America.


Clewiston, FL


Peg Perego Pliko Travel System Stroller

3.8 6