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Peg Perego
Peg Perego IGOR0040 John Deere Turf Tractor with Trailer

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Every boys dream!


My 3 year old son loves anything machine/truck related. We bought this tractor for his birthday in March. He has driven it daily and the battery still is going strong. We charge it every few days(after about 5hrs of drive time.) Handles all surfaces well (road, sidewalk, grass, dirt). The slow speed is pretty slow. My son has always driven it on the fastest speed. Reverse requires the child to hold the handle in the reverse position the entire time that they are backing up, but my son has never complained or had issue with it.. Easily handles 60lbs, but I cant see a child over 6 being comfortable in the drivers seat. Assembly was easy. The trailer does not stay on. My son gave up on it pretty early on. Every time he took a turn too fast or bumped over a rock it would fall off. Overall we are very happy with the purchase. The price is fair (but could definitely be cheaper!) We would reccomend this ride on over any other!

Phoenix, AZ


It runs fine but falls apart easily


My daughter received this for her third birthday.  She was super excited with it because Daddy is a farmer and she loves helping Daddy.  The tractor runs well, only occasionally slipping in gravel or slick leaves.  It goes up hills and through grass just fine.  We like that the battery seems to last farily long and that the tractor has two different speeds plus reverse.  We dislike that the trailer now seems to be permanently stuck to the tractor because the attachment part got bent.  Also, the seat fell off as well as the front bumper.  I haven't figured out how to take the tractor back apart yet in order to reattach the seat.  My daughter doesn't mind at all that the pieces fell off and she uses it regardless.  She quickly figured out how to operate the toy, and has only asked for help occasionally when it's difficult to back both the trailer and the tractor up at the same time.  Overall, I really like this toy, I just wish it was made to last longer.

Washington Court House, OH


Peg Perego IGOR0040 John Deere Turf Tractor with Trailer

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