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Double Strollers
Peg Perego
Peg Perego Duette SW Stroller

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It felt like I was steering a bus, it was so long.


I felt like the stroller was too long.  I personally like the two seated stroller that is side by side instead of one behind the other.  It was hard to steer because you have to overcompensate around every corner.  I bought a used one at a garage sale and I was glad that I didn't waste the money on buying it new because I would have been really upset at the waste of money.

Panama City, FL


Peg Perego Duette Double Stroller: Advantages & Disadvantages


**Peg Perego Duette Double Stroller** First of all, I'll say that this stroller was a shower gift so I hadn't done any research or comparison shopping whatsoever. I know that this stroller was very expensive and I both appreciated it and used it often.  Would I have chosen it?  In hindsight I am not sure. I do like the Peg Perego brand.  It was my first choice for our high chair, which I did choose myself.  I also like the blue and white plaid fabric. The design behind this duette stroller is to have one child behind another rather than side by side.  When there is an age difference in your children, as was the case with mine, there are advantages to this.  The baby can be sleeping soundly in the back while the older child rides in front and can see but isn't able to bother the baby.  I am sure Moms of twins or children that are close in age and aren't getting along side by side, can see the point of this as well.  Either way, another advantage is being able to pull the individual "shades" over just one child or both. I agree with a previous reviewer that at times I felt like I was steering a bus.  It is long and you have to compensate for this when you're "driving" through crowded stores.  It is also a challenge to give that "shuv" over bumps because of the distance from you and the front wheels. As long as it was, I must say the Peg Perego duette stroller was easy to fold up for storage and there were some advantages in storing this one in the car because it wasn't as wide. ***My Viewpoint:***  There are advantages and disadvantages in both the side by side double strollers and the front and back double strollers.  My best advice is to try to test them and keep in mind the age difference in your children.  This Peg Perego stroller was used quite a bit and was a life saver at times but it was not always easy to drive.  The reality is that shopping with two stroller age kids is challenging anyway so I just put on my bus driver's cap and a smile and did the best I could. 

Big Island, VA


Loved it for my twins until they turned 6 months!


I was on bedrest for 5 months with my now 7 month old twins, so I did all my double stroller research online. I was unable to go to the stores and "test drive" so I was concerned about my choice. All worries went away once we received the stroller. My husband and I find it easy to manuever, the steering wheel works great and draws attention when in public, but so do twins, so you get used to it! The infant car seats are super safe and easily taken from car base and attached to stroller. The stroller has plenty of under carriage storage space, we have a large diaper bag, my purse and usually a couple of shopping bags and they all fit well. We love that we can turn the seats in any direction- our babies love to face each other and play and push their feet together. We face them away when they need to nap. The reason we are shopping for a new stroller now is that they enjoy one another so much that we think they will be happier in a side by side design, where they can be closer and look around better. To recap- we have used daily for months now, and have no trouble with the quality or use, it fold down VERY easily, is lightweight and most importantly we feel the car seats are sturdy and safe, to quote their Papa "they would be safe traveling to the moon in this stroller and car seats"   

Macon, GA


Peg Perego Duette SW is a great stroller, most of the time.


I have twins I really enjoy having this stroller.  The only downside to the stroler is that it is really long and hard to manuever at times.  I definitely recommend it, except when you plan to be somewhere that there are a lot of people.  It can difficult at the store too, can't always make turns that well because of the length. After saying that though, I do realize that it needs to be long in order to have the children be one in front of the other.  That has definitely been more important to me than the length.

Orem, UT


Peg Perego Duette SW Stroller

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