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Peet's coffee

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My new coffee!


This coffee gives big flavor, never tastes watered down and the grind that I see when I open the bag is much finer than other top brands from the store. I use it in my reusable kcup maker and it really livens up my cup! I have the decaf for now since I am pregnant, but can't wait to try the full brew once I am able!

Hanford, CA


Over rated by people who don't know any better


I am a huge coffee geek. I know coffee. Despite what you may read on here, Peet's is actually a frequent target of jokes by the coffee crowd. They over roast the coffee, the espresso isn't that great. Most of it is also stale. Try getting coffee within a few days of roasting.

Tulsa, OK


Peet's is the BEST coffee bar none


My cousin introduced me to Peet's during a visit and I loved it.  Later, a barista at my local cafe recommended the brand.  Found I could order it and set up a regular standing order online. In coffee heaven.

Moline, IL


Peets coffee is the coffee of the discriminating crowd!


Peets coffee is for those discriminating coffee drinkers!  The wimps might say it tastes "burnt," but aficionados know it is the BEST!  The company is socially and ecologically conscious, the employees are service minded, and the beans are OUTSTANDING!  I have been drinking Peets for 20+ years, and have converted many a coffee drinker.  You won't find better coffee beans/coffee.

Livermore, CA


Excellence all the way--coffee, tea, treats & customer service.


I order whole bean Peet's and have tried lots of different varieties.  Maj. Dickinson's is always an excellent choice, but there are many, many others as well.  The beans are always fresh roasted, oily and delightfully aromatic.  YUM!  The chocolate raspberry truffle candies are awesome as well!  And the tea.  And the customer service.  (You get the idea.)  From the ease of ordering to the awesome aroma when I open the box, to the moment the delicious flavor bursts on my tongue, Peet's coffee is always just so GOOD.  My first cup was absolutely heavenly and each one after has been consistantly great!  I've been hooked about two years now.   I've found that Peet's also has delicious treats and that gifts from Peet's are always appreciated and enjoyed by friends and relatives.  The customer service is consistently top notch and I've never been disappointed with their great quality and fast delivery.

Covington, LA


coffee drinker's coffee


Nothing says coffee like a cup of Peet's.  But be careful if you buy a cup at the retail stores.  Sometimes the baristas make it sooooo strong it will give you the caffeine jitters!  and that is after a few sips!  I enjoy buying the beans to brew at home...... I gave out Peet's coffee cards as rewards for a research survey I conducted for my graduate studies.....it was a bribe to complete the questionnaire.  Well, guess what....I had more people lining up to take that survey that I ran out of cards!  Now that is some good coffee!

San Francisco, CA


Peet's coffee

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