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Peet's Major Dickensens Blend

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Very good coffee


Peets Major Dickinson Blend is rich and dark.  It's delicious and worth the price.  I would recommend this to anyone.  I think it's very good with cream and milk.  I would drink this everyday.  You can get this at Lucky and safeway also but I prefer to get at Peets coffee so I can get a free cup of coffee too.

Oakland, CA


Peet's is the best coffee I've ever had


I first tasted Peets on a business trip to Berkeley, California fifteen years ago. Every drop: hot, warm, or cold, was delicious. I remember commenting to the waiter about the coffee, and was advised of what brand I was enjoying. Other than by mail order, I have been hard pressed to wrap my senses around a fresh cup of this top shelf brew. Do yourself a favor, get Peet's and savor it. I know you will be impressed. Although you will probably go crazy when you try to find it at a resturaunt east of the Mississippi. :)

Richmond, KY


Peet's Major Dickensens Blend

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