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Pedigree Meaty Ground Dinner with Chunky Beef, Bacon & Cheese Canned Food

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My Dog Goes Crazy for Pedigree Meaty Ground DInner


I have used this Pedigree Meaty Ground Dinner with Chunky Beef, Bacon & Cheese Canned Food as a special treat for my dog for the last year. He loves it. I use it as a reward for him and it really works. He knows when I pop out the can. He starts wagging his tale and getting excited. I love it. He enjoys eating this dog food. I give it to him at least once a week. I would probably give it to him more often if it wasn't so expensive. I am a single mother but my dog is apart of our family and he watches over us, so he deserves this treat every once a while. But sometimes I have had to go without giving it to him and giving him a cheaper brand because this is so highly priced. I know he loves the Pedigree Dog Foods. And I love giving them to him. Quality of Ingredients Who would have ever thought my dog would love beef, bacon, and cheese. But he absolutely loves it. I was a little skeptical about the cheese at first but my vet said it was fine. I was afraid it was going to upset his stomach, but it didn't. He loves all of the ingredients in this dog food.



Pedigree Dog Food For Savings


When we took our pup to the vet for her first set of shots, the vet recommended a small kibble dry dog food. Nothing doing, she was NOT going to eat it. We tried everything to doctor it up, but she wouldn't eat her dinner. Because of this, my husband started buying canned dog food. We tried many brands, but have settled on the Pedigree Ground dinners. Because of the long fur around her face, the traditional ground dinners work the best. When we opendd the can of Chunky Beef, Bacon & Cheese there was a lot of congealed fat all around the edges of the can. I was concerned that this food had too much fat in it, but when I compared it to the dry Nutro food that we also have, I see that the fat doesn't seem to be out of line. There is 6% crude fat in the Pedigree, compared to 11% in the Nutro dry dog food we purchased. The Pedigree dog food is quite hard packed, almost like a very dense meatloaf. We always take a fork and cut it up into smaller chunks. The smell isn't too bad, it's actually not as strong as other canned dog foods I have smelled. When we are done feeding her, we put a cap on the can and put it into the fridge for the next feeding. The Pedigree website says that it contains calcium and phosphorus for strong teeth and bones, as well as omega fatty acids plus essential nutrition for the healthiest skin & shiniest coat. She does have a shiny coat, but her skin seems to be on the dry side to me. I do think that dry dog food is better for our dog's teeth, but what are ya gonna do if your dog won't eat her dry food? All in all, our dog does okay with the Pedigree canned dog food, but I feel that as far as nutrition is concerned, she would be better off with a dry dog food that can be purchased at our vet's office. Until I can convince my husband of that our dog will be eating Pedigree ground dinners, and liking it ... most of the time. It's cheaper than many other brands on the market, so our wallet doesn't take too much of a beating. Quality of Ingredients Not the best on the market, but I have seen worse. Dog food ingredients are a very complicated thing and there are many schools of thought on the use of by-products, which this food does contain. Flavor Selection A nice selection of flavors so we can change it up for our furry friend.

Eagle River, AK


Pedigree with Chunky Beef, Bacon, and Cheese is a Good Treat


Do dogs love meat? Does the Earth revolve around the sun? We all know how much dogs love meat in any form, but they are particulary adoring of beef and any food with beef as the main ingredient is certain to be a hit with canines large and small. Among foods sold in cans, one that dogs love as much as any is Pedigree Meaty Ground Dinner with Chunky Beef, Bacon, and Cheese. Dog Food Facts and Commentary: Pedigree Meaty Ground Dinner with Chunky Beef, Bacon, and Cheese is a meaty dog food with a smell and taste that drives dogs wild. This dog food is soft and easy to eat and while its scent is less than appealing to the average human, it is exactly the type of smell that dogs love and crave. Pedigree Meaty Ground Dinner with Chunky Beef, Bacon, and Cheese is a five- star food when measured by a dog's liking, but we all know that taste alone cannot and should not be what dictates a dog food purchase. There is also nutrition and ingredient concerns and in both areas, Pedigree Meaty Ground Dinner with Chunky Beef, Bacon, and Cheese misses the mark. I suppose the nutrition isn't too terrible, but the ingredients are far from ideal and this could be reason alone not to purchase the food and serve to your dog. Meat by- products, artificial additives, and other undesireables make this food questionable to purchase. Bottom Line viewpoint: Pedigree Meaty Ground Dinner with Chunky Beef, Bacon, and Cheese is a decent canned dog food overall. It is below par when measured by ingredients but well above par in terms of taste. This is why, like with other canned dog foods, I recommend sticking with a rationed approach and serving a food like this only sparingly, like less than once per week. As long as the consumption is kept under control, there should be no problem serving this dog food. Quality of Ingredients The ingredients here are about as bad as those in other canned dog foods. Flavor Selection The flavor selection for Pedigree is good.

Houston, TX


There is no way your dog WON'T love this product


I have 2 very picky eaters (minature dachshund and a beagle/terrier mix). They will not eat ANY type of dry dog food and are very picky as to their wet food also. But they go BONKERS for this canned food. I think it's the bacon and cheese! What dog doesn't like bacon or cheese. I have finally found a product they will eat - thanks!!!

Huntsville, TX


My dog loves Pedigree Meaty Ground Dinner!


A few years ago my dog was diagnosed with bladder stones.  She had multiple visits to the vet and I had extensive vet bills. She kept getting them and we did not know why.  One vet told me it was just "her breed" and that she would probably always suffer from these painful stones.  I was horrified and did not know what to do.  Any dog lover knows that most of us would do anything for our dogs.  Many vet visits later, we could not figure out why she was getting the bladder stones and decided to change her diet.  We tried all sorts of different foods, prescription and no-prescription.  However, after some trial and error, we determined it was the food she was eating.  I started giving her the pedigree ground dinners only and things started to work out for her. It's been about 5 years since she has had any problems and the only things she gets is pedigree ground meat dinner in a can and somtimes some dog treats!

Pittsburgh, PA


Pedigree Meaty Ground Dinner with Chunky Beef, Bacon & Cheese Canned Food

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