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Pedigree Dentastix Daily Oral Care Snack Food for Dogs

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My Dog goes crazy for these


My dog loves the Dentastix she thinks they are the best when she hears the bag being opened she runs to where i am at and sits still because she know shes in for a wonderful treat and i am helping her with her dental care its a win win situation.


houston tx




My dog loves these. He eats them daily as a good healthy and beneficial snack.


Wylie, TX


Dental Hygiene is a Must


I have 2 babies that I love and cherish as much as my children and they are both part are of our family. We have 1 Yorkie and 1 Chihuahua. Our Yorkie will eat about anything and our Chihuahua is very picky but they both love their Dentasticks and look forward to getting them everyday. They are so accustomed to getting them that they know what time it is and are sitting in their spot doing their little dance that they do when it's that time. It's the cutest thing ever. But that just tells you how much they love their Dentasticks. They especially love the mint flavor. And I know how good it is for their teeth and the tarter and plaque build up. But I don't tell them that...lol. No but seriously these make it so much easier on me because they don't want me anywhere near their teeth. Especially my Yorkie because he's my rescue dog and whoever had him before kicked him in the mouth and broke some of his teeth in half so he won't allow me to brush his teeth. So the Dentasticks are definitely a blessing to me and Bentley. So Thank You to the Dentastick Company because y'all are helping my baby more than you know.


Pensacola, Florida


Buy this all the time for my pup


My dog loves these! She gets one, once a day right after eating. It isn't so easy to brush her teeth, so a dentastix a day helps prevent tartar buildup.


Staten Island, NY


My dog's daily treat


My dog (rescue - mixed breed) is somewhat of a Diva with a very finicky palate. I give her a dentastix (mint) every night before bed. She looks forward to it. My dog isn't one to eat just anything she is given! Seriously, If I give her a treat, she will smell it first and decide whether or not she wants it! She will just turn her face away! Her Veterinarian says that she has nice healthy and white teeth. (I credit dentastix for that) so if your dog is as picky as mine, I would try these.


Kingston MA


My dogs love dentastix!!


Dentastix are great! They are a dental hygiene treat and my dogs found them tasty and irresistible! They are a brown sick that has edges on it all the way around. As they chew on the stick those edges rub against their teeth helping to remove and prevent plaque. Sometimes dogs get bad breath and it can be from the condition of their teeth and gums. When dogs have build up on their teeth it can cause all kinds of problems and it can eventually become a larger problem. They make products to actually brush your dogs teeth but with treats like the dentastix, it's not necessary. I give my dogs each one of these every couple of days and there teeth are in great shape. No bad breath and no build up on their teeth. I love the pedigree dog food brand and that is what kind of food my dogs eat too. I like that they can eat a treat and they don't even know that they are cleaning their teeth too. These sticks aren't too hard so dogs with smaller teeth or even older dogs can chew these up without a problem. My dogs are all different sizes and they all easily chew these up and enjoy them. They get excited when I get the bag out and they always beg for more. I trust the pedigree brand and with all those dog products out there and all the horror stories I've heard about dog treats I use the same brand treats. I have cut back on giving my dogs table scraps so I like to be able to treat them to special things by having treats they love on hand. I recommend these to dogs of all sizes and for dogs that tend to have dental problems and also to normally healthy dogs to maintain a healthy mouth. Dogs need to have healthy teeth and gums to have good over all health and these make it easy for accomplishing that. They are avaliable most places that sell dog foods and they are priced decently. There are a lot of dog treats out there and it's easy to want to buy the dog treats for 2$ a bag, but it's worth the extra cost to buy treats made by a trudsted brand and that also serve another purpose.




Tasty and Effective!


I have a puppy and I want to start her with good dental habits as soon as possible so I started giving her these Pedigree Dentastix daily to head off any potential dental health problems before they start. These seem to be keeping her teeth nice and white and her breath dog stink free. These come in three flavors - Original, Beef, and Fresh - and my dog loves them all. She prefers beef the most but I still purchase the three flavor multipack so she doesn't get bored. These can be rather expensive. I usually purchase a mulitpack online from a major retailer and they're about 40 cents or so each ($21 or so for a 50 pack). There are coupons available in the paper and from major pet stores as well. These are also made in North America (the U.S. and Canada is what the package officially states) so I know I don't need to worry about potentially toxic ingredients from production facilities overseas which is a huge relief after recent pet food contamination issues. Overall, these are a great way to multitask and promote dental health while providing a great tasting snack. I definitely recommend them.


Hartford, CT


What a Stellar Idea to Help Dogs Clean Their Teeth


What a Stellar Idea to Clean Dogs Teeth Neither my cairn terrier nor my bo-shih (part boston terrier/ part shihtzu) would tolerate putting a toothbrush in their mouths but they love love love Dentastix Original Triple Action treats. They both beg for more. Kudos Pedigree for knowing what Dogs need, Dentastix can be used by puppies as well as older dogs. Size does not matter. Keeps their breath smelling clean and removes tarter safely. Pedigree true to their terms. Awesome product. Consumers can go to their website to check for coupons. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.


Fort Gratiot MI 48059


My dogs love these


Pedigree Dentastix Daily Oral Care treats are awesome! We love to spoil our dogs and why not spoil them with something that is going to help them too? My dogs love these. They can eat these without a problem at all. I love that you can buy these in different sizes because I have a small dog and the bigger one's would be too much for her. Dentastix really do visibly help their teeth. I noticed after a while that my dogs teeth were getting whiter and I hoped that meant they were overall getting healthier too. I sometimes try to brush their teeth, but it is really a chore with my three dogs. They do not like it at all! With brushing their teeth being so hard, I am so glad to have found a product like this that can help their teeth too. The price is a little high, but I definitely think it is worth it since it really does do it's job. I would recommend Dentastix to others because they work and the dogs really do enjoy them. I seen absolutely no side effects from my dogs eating these.






After one of my dogs refused to eat the greenies dental chews, I decided to give these Pedigree Dentastix daily oral care snacks a try and they worked great. They really removed the tartar that was building up on my dogs teeth and I noticed a slight improvement in the overall smell of his breath. Although they did not remove his smelly breath all together, it was a definite improvement from what it was prior. My dog seems to love the taste of these as well. He is very picky with his foods and often times will not even touch treats that I try and feed him, but I had no problem feeding him this at all. He really seems to enjoy them! Overall this is a great product that will help to remove tartar from your dogs teeth and will help the smell of their breath. If other dental chews did not work for your dogs, I would definitely give these a shot!




Pedigree Dentastix Daily Oral Care Snack Food for Dogs

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