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Pedigree Breath Buster Dog Treat

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The Dogs Love Them


The first time I bought the Pedigree BreathBusters, I was hoping for a little improvement in my dogs' breath. I didn't really notice much change in their breath, but I still buy them for a couple reasons. First, the dogs love them! I have a 9 pound corgi/chihuahua mix &  a 55 pound husky mix. Both dogs are at least 9 years old. These treats are very easy for my smaller dog to chew & she is missing a few teeth. The treats are a softer biscuit & stay that way ias long as they are tightly sealed. They are easy to break into smaller pieces, so the dogs think they get lots of treats, but they don't get lots of calories. They come in 2 sizes: for small/medium dogs & medium/large. I find the smaller size easier to break into smaller pieces. Lately, in my local area, they have been harder to find in the grocery store - especially the smaller size. The pet superstores usually have them - but at a premium price.  I do recommend them as a regular treat - but if you are hoping for an improvement in your dog's breath, these may disappoint.

Girard, PA


Did not bust my dogs breath!


We have several dogs and with their breath I like to try anything I find to help relieve the odor.  When I saw these I was excited  to try them thinking they would succeed where many other breath treats have failed.  This was not the case.  For our dogs with average breath they helped a little bit but no more then any of the other treats that I have tried.  For our dog with extremely bad breath these treat did not even put a dent in her odor.  I was hoping that they would help for a little bit but even right after she ate the treat there was absolutely no difference.  It was not much better with the other dogs.  Their breath was minorly improved but it did not last very long at all.  Overall I was not very impressed with these treats.  I do not expect miracles from dog treats but I hoped to at least get a little bit for my money.  Instead it turned out to be a waste of my money.  I will stick to homemade breath treats!

Watertown, NY


an absolute must for older dogs


I have a 13 year old Australian Shepard with horrible breath!!!  But, I give her one of these bones every morning and evening and it makes her dog breath tolerable.  The vet noticed a difference in her overall oral health and I recommend these to all dog owners!

Overland Park, KS


Pedigree Breath Buster Dog Treat

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