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Pediasure NutriPals Strawberry and Yogurt Snack Bars

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Great snack for little ones...


These are great little snacks for little ones. Pedia Sure Nutri Pals are a great source of nutrition for toddlers and kids in a familiar form. All little kids love granola bars, and they love these ones just as much as the overly sugary ones that are also on the market. I have tasted them as well and have to admit, they are pretty good! If you're on the go a lot around breakfast time, these are a good in the car breakfast for preschoolers. They aren't really geared toward babies under about eighteen months or two years but older than that they are great. They are reasonably priced and really really worth it. Especially if you are looking for a really great healthy and nutritious snack. Quality of Ingredients I love when fruit snack bars actually have fruit listed in the ingredients, so these snack bars get a ten out of ten from me on quality of ingredients. Safety As I mentioned before these are good for older toddlers and up. They are not meant for younger toddlers or babies. Perfectly safe for the older ones though.



Good but messy


Being a mom on-the-go, I bought these to keep in the diaper bag for those times when my son needed a snack when we were out.  He likes them and they're nutritious.  They're pretty big for younger toddlers.  My son only eats about 1/2 of the bar at most.  Not a big deal - I break the bar in half before giving it to him and wrap the other half for later.  The biggest problem is that the yogurt covering makes a sticky mess.  They're fine for at home or when we're sitting somewhere I can clean him up right away, but they're terrible for the car or anyplace you don't want a toddler having sticky hands.

Oakland Gardens, NY


Balanced, yummy nutrition for toddlers on the go!


I just happened to pick these up one morning since I was leaving my daughter with the hubbie for most of the day.  I figured this would be good so he didn't have to worry about preparing breakfast for her.  She loved these and opens her hand for more pieces.  She even cried for her bar when I lost it at the pediatrician's office.  Then because of that it was a bad visit to the pediatrician that day.  I'm pretty sure the people at the front desk ended up throwing it out because I forgot it at the front desk.  How rude!!!! It's not like it was my intention to be careless.  I just had to juggle cranky toddler, filling out paperwork, stroller and diaper bag....but noooo they had to throw it away and then say "oh I hope nobody ate it from the counter" when I confronted them about it.   Anyway I know if my daughter had the rest of this bar it would of made her day at the pediatrician much better.   This is packed with balanced nutrition and has lots of calories.  It is a bit on the expensive side though.  For on the go these are good.    

Garden City, NY


Pediasure NutriPals Strawberry and Yogurt Snack Bars

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