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Pedialax Fiber Gummies For Kids

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Great for kids!


I am not saying hat miralax will not help you to go to the bathroom. I am saying that if you have a child that has not constipation but is actually withholding feces, and refuses o go, this only makes a mess. i was told to give him half a cap a day for three weeks. This kid did not have the miracle poop that they said he would have. When he finally did go his bowel movement was very loose and caused a terrible rash. I used a product called pedialax and that was great. It made for a soft easy movement. My poor kid did not feel like he was going to explode and he was not in any pain. There was no rash and I did not think we would have a leaky accident while we were out and about. My boy is potty trained and he does not want to go back to diapers. He also hated having accidents, so the leaking was traumatizing. Now he used the pedialax and we are having a lot easier time. I would not use this for kids or adults. 

Bloomingdale, IL


Instant relief for a constipated child


As I mentioned in my review of Miralax, my daughter has had problems with constipation since she was about 6 months old. She would get so bad that she would not have bowel movement for almost a week. I tried everything from adding flax seed oil or coconut oil or boiled prune juice to her hot chocolate but nothing would help. I tried more fiber, lots of fruits and veggies - all the stuff they tell you to do and nothing would work. I reccommend this Pedialac for when they have not had a bowel movement in days and are obviously in pain. My daughter would sit for 10 to 15 minutes at a time trying. This is a rectal laxative. It works quickly and effectively to produce a bowel movement within about 15 minutes.... if you make sure to get enough into your child. It is not a fun process but neither is watching your child in pain because they can not go potty. My daughter never like doing this- believe me, she was not happy about it but after she had her bowel movement, she would always say thank you mommy.  If your child has chronic constipation, talk to your pediatrician about the over the counter medicine called Miralax. This is what finally worked for my daughter.

Watsonville, CA


Pedialax Fiber Gummies For Kids

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