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Pediacare Children's Cough & Congestion

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Works great but tastes awful!


Pediacare is our go-to brand for cold medicines so I was excited to see they had a product containing Guaifenesin, the same drug in Mucinex. It also contains Dextromethorphan HBr, the same basic drug in all children's cough medicines, I think. I like that this medicine does an exceptional job of breaking up that mucus stuff that children don't seem to grasp the idea of spitting out after coughing. It also controls their coughs although I wouldn't give this to my child if they ONLY had a cough after a cold. While this product works great and is priced basically the same as the other children's products (perhaps costing a bit more because of the brand name), I find it is an issue to get my children to take this product. It tastes AWFUL (and I did taste it just to see....)...the cherry flavor simply cannot mask the horrid tastes of Guaifenensin. I reserve pulling this medicine out for severe colds/ailments that have lots of mucus and tell them to hold their nose while taking it.

Independence, MO


Pediacare Children's Cough & Congestion

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