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Pears Transparent Soap

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bestest soap for my very tricky facial skin


its the best facial cleanser for my skin.. i have a very tricky facial skin.. for that matter products hardly suit me, i ve been using this for more than 8mons now..sometimes i get bored and try switching to other products but yet again after immense struggle, i land up to using pears again.. its all in one soap, more like a miracle soap as if the manufactured put everything u ever desired for. i dont even need to put a moisturiser after it even in winters, although i do recommend putting one..



The best soap for sensitive skin


Pears is my favorite soap, without a shadow of a doubt. It's reasonably priced, it lathers well, it's unscented and it doesn't irritate my (very sensitive) skin. A dermatologist recommended it for me when I was a child, and pretty soon my whole family was using it too. I've tried other unscented glycerin soaps, but none of them worked quite as well. Effectiveness Pears makes a nice, smooth cleansing lather (not a flurry of bubbles) that leaves my skin feeling very clean. Although it doesn't seem to contain any moisturizers, it isn't drying, so my skin feels hydrated after I use it. Also, I don't have to buy a separate facial cleanser; Pears works great on my oily T-zone and chin and my dry nose and cheeks, all at the same time. Scent Pears is unscented, which is part of what makes it a good all-around choice. It doesn't have chemicals that might bother my sensitive skin or fragrances that might make it too girly for my husband to use.




Pears Soap is the best!


  I love this soap! It's so reasonable and it works wonderfully! I was lucky when I found this product because I was spending outrageous amounts on other facial soaps that don't even work as well as this product! I have very sensitive skin and this soap does not irritate it at all! It simply cleanses my skin and removes dirt! After using this soap for about a week, I noticed that my skin was smoother and brighter!! I would most defiantly recommend this soap!


Valencia, CA


I am totally in love with Pears Soap!


I went to college for the abroad program in England and became instantly hooked within weeks on the most incredible bar soap in the world. Pears Transparent Glycerine Soap! It has the most unique, clean smell that I have ever experienced in a soap, and cannot say enough good things about it. Being blonde and blue eyed, I am very sensitive to the soap that I use. I can easily become dry and itchy, so  I have to really watch what I use. Pears Transparent Glycerine Soap has never given my skin any problems whatsoever! I feel so clean and refreshed after using it, and never feel like I have any soapy residue left on me after a shower. Not only am I a big fan of Pears Soap, but so is my fourteen year old daughter. She too has very sensitive skin- in fact even a band aid will leave her red and welty. However, she too loves and appreciate the pure, natural product that is Pears. I will continue to buy this for sure.


Clayton, NC


Pears Transparent Soap

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