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Paw Patrol
Paw Patrol Action Pack Pups 3pk Figure Set Chase, Rocky, Zuma


No job is too big and no pup is too small! Now you can reenact rescue scenes with 3 Action Pack Pups!

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My son was so happy with this surprise purchase I made, when he came home from his dads. He loves the show, Paw Patrol and these action figures look exactly like the show characters so my son recognized them at once having just turned 3. He loves playing with them while watching the show and also uses them for individual play. He really uses his imagination while playing with them because they come as a trio team and he can pretend that they are interacting with one another. These pups are also great for play time with friends since there are three of the action figure which means sharing is not an issue. Also great because when you push each one's dog tag they each do something unique that is similar to each figure's talent in the TV show. They were a great bundle purchase which saved me time and money. They are made extremely well so my son can play a little rough with them and they don't break. He loves taking them a long on car rides and doctor appointments which makes keeping him entertained really easy. Thanks Paw Patrol! :)


Dallastown, PA


We Love Paw Patrol!


My kids who are ages 3, 5 and 7 all play with the Paw Patrol Action Pack Pups. They all loved the Paw Patrol cartoon since it started airing on the Nick Jr. channel. The only downside to this set of pups is Skye is missing! I have girls so including Skye would have been great. I was able to purchase her separately though. My girls will play with these for quite some time, longer than most toys they have that cost much more. They are very durable and have maintained their paint without losing any color. I think they are just the right size for little hands and keep my kids busy while I'm trying to get some work done around the house. Paw Patrol toys are so hard to find and when I do find them, there are very few to choose from. My 3-year old daughter has a little basket that she loads her "puppies" in and take with her every where. It is super cute to watch. I highly recommend this action set of pups for all Paw Patrol fans.


Columbus, OH


Kids best friends


The Paw Patrol Action Pack Pups 3pk Figure Set was purchased last year as my son insisted to buy the same from an online shopping portal. The set comes with a chase, rocky and zuma pups and on pressing the dog tag helps to reveal the tools and my child loved the transformations in these pups. My son keeps pressing the buttons to see how the pups get ready for action and I am glad to see that though he keeps playing with these pups all day, the buttons still work fine and look as new as when they were just purchased. The product is priced perfectly for the features these pups have and every child will love this toy. My daughter is not so fond of pups but when her brother keeps playing with them, she joins him too and they both have fun pressing the buttons of the pops and watching their back packs open. It would be interesting if the pups would be shown moving as well but overall, the toys are entertaining for my kids.



Pawing their Way


The Paw Patrol has good morals and is great entertainment for children


Phoenix, AZ


Paw Patrol Action Pack Pups 3pk Figure Set Chase, Rocky, Zuma

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