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For more than 30 years, Paula Young has been making women look their very best, for less with an amazing assortment of wigs, hairpieces, hair care products and more! As the world’s #1 salon-quality wig retailer, the Paula Young selection is unsurpassed… and the low prices are unbeatable. Plus, your 100% Satisfaction is GUARANTEED. In fact, Paula’s Prices average 50% less than other wig retailers’ prices every day. Order your new look from Paula Young!

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Helpful site


After battling cancer, a relative was struggling with hair loss, and we wanted to get something to help out. We found this site, and we were able to get a good gift that she liked so much that she wanted some more things from the site. After our initial use of the site, we were able to help her with some extra shopping as well, and we have had great experiences with it through them. Ease of Use The site is extremely easy to navigate, and checking out is also very fast and simple. Product Selection This site is designed to help women who are struggling with hairloss. They focus primarily on wigs, and they come in all sorts of lengths, colors, and styles. They also have a nice variety of headscarves (which is what we started with for the original gift) that are stylish and attractive. They have a few types of jewelry (necklaces and earrings) as well. So they are limited to a particular type of product, but within that type of product, they have a great selection.



Customer NON-Service


If you order a catalog from them be prepared to be innundated every month. Almost impossible to get off their mailing list. Don't bother with trying to call their "non-customer-service" number. The menu options lead you around in circles when you select the option to remove you. This is probably done on purpose, to make you go away.

New Bern, NC


Wavy Clip-on Hairpiece


I love it! COLOR: I first got the color swatches to match my hair color. I'm 57 yrs old, my hair is lighter than platinum but not white. The hairpiece color is true to the sample color swatch & a little darker than my real hair - but I use a color mousse from Sally's that gives my hair a 2 tone effect & I will goop a little extra in to darken up mine. My color choice - from the color PICTURES on the internet & in the catalog - I would have been way off! Get the sample swatches if you want to be happy with your color choice! FIT & CLIP ON: The piece is very well made, I was worried the dark brown clip would show but it does not. My hair is about 3-4 inches long & average thickness. You have to have enough hair length or thickness to clip the piece to. My hair is not long to make a pony tail, all I can get is a little nub. But that 'nub' is enough to clip on it on & hold it securely. I was worried about the weight, but it does not feel any different than when I pinned up my longer hair when I was in my 30's. I clipped it in upon arrival & felt like I was back in my 30's, it looked great! My husband thinks it looks awesome too. I can't wait to order another piece - just have to decide which one! Order to standard delivery was less than 7 days.

Green Bay, WI


Paula Young has beautiful wigs that look so realistic.


I have purchased 2 hair products  from Paula Young. I love the colors, fabrics and the realism of her products.. Her Company is from Mass, and comes  quicker than   expected..   If she would make larger sizes for women with larger heads, she would sell more wigs.  Her product is  fantastic.. I love the products, she makes bad hair days so easy to live with...  The hair products are simple to wear, easy to maintain, and she carries all the products you need to keep up with the hair pieces..  Would recomend to everyone. Her prices are reasonable, less than many other companies, and of excellent quality.. My husband loves the blonde wig, I love the brunette hair piece.. Gives my hair elegance with little to no effort..i get to enjoy whatever makes me happy.. Thanks Paula... Keep up the good work...

Somerville, MA


If I ever need a wig I'm going to Paula Young!


My mother is going through Chemo and recently lost big chunks of her beautiful hair and was not at all happy about it.  She bought a nice wig that looked just like the hair style and color she had for years but she doesn't like it. It's too heavy and covers her face more than is comfortable for her.  While I was visiting her, she lives about 600 miles away, she wore a lot of head wraps and skull caps but not her wig.  While we were in the clinic getting her hydrated (drop by drop through her I.V.) we struck up a conversation with the other women in the room about wigs.  We were both really surprised to hear how many of the women were wearing a wig!  They all looked very nice and very real, but there was one woman that no one would have suspected was wearing a wig, it looked great!  My Mother and another woman said that they had bought their wigs at a wig shop in town and had to spend hundreds on theirs. "$400" said one, "600" said another, "27" said the woman in the very real looking wig. "27 Hundred?!?" was the reply from all, "No, $27!"  Well, that made us all laugh and start asking all kinds of questions, mostly "Where did you get it???" She told us about Paula Young. Mom and I went home from the clinic and she jumped right on the computer to look up Paula Young and found the site, within a few minutes she had found a style she liked and we measured her hear so that she would get the correct size. Long story short, I talked to her the other day and she had received her new wig and loves it, more than that she will actually wear it!  I would love to thank Paula Young where ever she is!I really hope that none of you are ever in need of a wig but if you or anyone you know ever are than skip the pricey wig shops and go to Paula Young's web site!

Ann Arbor, MI



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