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Paula Deen's
Paula Deen's Beer Bread Mix

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Good bread mix, not my favorite but still a good one


I love a good Beer Bread Mix. I am fond of Tastefully Simple. They are my favorite. Now i LOVE Paula Deen, and so when I ran across this mix in a store, I grabbed it. Anything with Paula's name has to be good right? Well, it was good, but it's harder to find than the Tastefully Simple. The same with any beer bread mix, you really need to use a cheap, light colored beer to make this with the best taste. The darker the beer, the moe flavor it imparts into the bread, so it has to be a beer you really enjoy for you to like it in the bread. To get a plain, good flavored bread, cheap beer or Sprite works the best. If I couldn't find the Tastefully Simple, then I would get this one, but since I have a Tasefully Simple Consultant in the neighborhood, I'll stick with it.


Ellettsville, IN


Paula Deen's Beer Bread Mix

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