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Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell strengthening shampoo

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Paul Mitchell has disappointed me


When I got the Paul Mitchell Strengthening Shampoo, I thought "It's Paul Mitchell!  It's gotta be good!"  I wasn't wowed at all when I first used it!  There was nothing overly special about it, nor did it seem to be helping my hair at all.  Obviously, I can't expect overnight results, so I continued to use the product for a few more weeks.  Then I noticed my hair was dryer than normal and I was seeing more split ends.  So, I chalked it up to my blowdrying and stopped that routine.  I continued using the Paul Mitchell Strengthing Shampoo for a couple more weeks, without blowdrying after my showers, I even added extra leave-in conditioner to try and soften my hair up, but still my hair was feeling dryer and my split-ends increasing.  I realize the shampoo says nothing about moisture, but you still wouldn't think that they would expect you to trade strength for moisture in your hair!  A shampoo shouldn't make your hair worse!  I expected, due to the name brand and the reputation said name carried, that the shampoo would leave my hair healthy and strong.  Instead it left it dry and damaged!  So long Paul Mitchell!  I'm goin' back to Pantene!

Bettendorf, IA


Paul Mitchell strengthening shampoo

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