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Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell The Rinse

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Don't treat it like your other conditioners


I had a friend selling bags of the stuff straight from the school. Apparently the fresher the bottle the better it is? I'm not sure about all that, but what I do know is that for the price of the one bottle; I could have bought three to five of any other brand. I thought a splurge would be nice.... The first wash and rinse with the set was awesome, but the second seemed different. My hair no longer felt silky or clean after. I thought maybe I just put too much in? But when I used less it felt like my hair was just dry with a LOT of hairspray in it. If you use it on just the ends if your hair it doesn't have completely the same effect, but I still prefer my cheaper conditioners over this one. Not a fan. Scent Not a very memorable scent



My first Paul Mitchell conditioner is not a good one!


Since I've been staying with my mom, I've been using what ever is in her shower. Unfortunately, the conditioner she uses is **Paul Mitchell The Rinse**. While this isn't a completely horrible product, I don't want to use it again! Effectiveness Effectiveness is a tricky one with this product because it did condition my hair and make it very easy to comb out, however, it leaves my hair feeling like I have mass quantities of hair products in it. My hair feels thick, straw-like and plain gross. This is ironic because Paul Mitchell's The Rinse is designed to be a lightweight conditioner. To me, it's anything but. Scent This doesn't smell amazing like Garnier Fructis or Herbal Essences, but it's not too bad. It does have a slight chemical scent to it, but it doesn't last long in my hair.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Great conditioning for my fine hair!


As an over-50 woman with fine hair, this is the perfect conditioner. I use it daily, and get great results. My hair is also treated with color, and this conditioner helps keep my hair bright and healthy between coloring. This product is worth every penny.

Cedar City, UT


Paul Mitchell, I'm so disappointed in The Rinse!


I'm a huge fan of Paul Mitchell hair products.  I like to stick with a brand that I like.  I have always trusted Paul Mitchell but now, I'm disappointed. The Rinse by Paul Mitchell is a cream rinse (conditioner).  I had never used it before and bought it for my daughter who has fine hair.  It's not real heavy and seemed to work fine on her hair.  Although, I will say sometimes it makes her hair a little staticy. When I had to use it on my super, ultra thick hair, I was miserable.  The Rinse is TOO light.  I had to use a ton to massage through my hair and when my hair dried, it was a tangly, wavy mess. I wouldn't recommend this product for those with medium to long hair.  Or if you have thick, wavy or curly hair.

Detroit, MI


Paul Mitchell The Rinse

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