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Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo 16.9oz

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Great refreshing shampoo


I have been using this Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo for years and I still love it. Every once in a while I switch to another brand just because they say that's a good thing to do to avoid residue build-up from constantly using the same shampoo, but I always switch back to Paul Mitchell. It is a very high quality product that smells great. It's especially refreshing in the morning when you're trying to wake up. I use a conditioner afterward, but even without that the shampoo itself leaves my hair smooth and less tangled than other brands. The only problem is if you get it in your eyes it takes a while to rinse it out. It doesn't really sting, but just feels like your eyes have a cool sensation that's a little strange. But a minute later you're fine. The other suggestion is to buy it in bulk from a hair care product salon rather than buying the more expensive little bottles that don't last very long.

Silverton, OR


Works well but doesn't smell good


I have really dry scalp and the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo works really well for me.  I don't even have to use it everyday...maybe only about 2 times a week to keep my scalp from getting dry and flaky.  You don't have to use a lot either, just need to massage it into your scalp, not the rest of your hair.  The only downfall is that it leaves a weird smell on your head.  The shampoo itself doesn't smell that bad, but for some reason, the after scent when you have dried your hair, a few hours later, there is still a strange odor.  My family members noticed there was a weird smell on me when I started using this, but they didn't know exactly what it was.  So when I thought it might be this shampoo, I stopped using it for a week, and asked my family members if they still smell something weird and they didn't.  Then after I started using the shampoo again, they smelled the weird smell again!  So that's how I know it's the shampoo.  Now I only use it 2 times a week at most, and even less if my scalp doesn't act up.  

Rowland Heights, CA


Gentle and calming on the scalp with a great scent!


About six months ago I asked my hair dresser about what was going on because suddenly my scalp was all itchy and had never been that way before.  She checked my hair and then she said my current shampoo was probably irrating my scalp and recomended the Tea Tree Lavender Mint shampoo to me (she knows I love the scent of my products) because it smells good and would be gentle to on my already irritated scalp.  Sure enough, after just two shampoos I no longer had any problems with itchiness I was struggling with before using it!  I would definitely recommend this shampoo to anyone who is sensitive to shampoo!  The only downside, it that I bought it at the salon so it was much more than I normally pay for hair products but it is certainly a treat to use!  I try to use the smallest amount possible to make it last as long as I possibly gone!  When it is gone, I'll see what my scalp is doing before I buy it again!  Like it though!

Carlisle, PA


Overpriced but works well.


I tried Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo 16.9oz years ago and although it worked for me at the time the product was recommended by my hair sylist and I was unhappy to discover I could get something similar for half the price of what I paid for this product. Yes the product works well and it leaves a nice fresh clean scent to your hair after it is rinsed out but is it worth the extra money I spent on it? I personally do not think so when comparable products are out there that offer the exact same results at a fraction of the cost.

Fenton, MI


Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo 16.9oz

3.8 4