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Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell Shampoo One

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nothing extraordinary


If you are going to pay alot of money for shampoo find another brand. I tried this shampoo twice without receiving the promised results. Effectiveness I had this shampoo recommended to me at two different Paul Mitchell beauty schools. Once was years ago when I was in college and the second time was just year. I bought it both times hoping that it would if fact help calm my overactive sebaceous glands and indeed help clarify my constantly greasy hair. Unfortunately, both times I paid out the wazoo for shampoo that did not even come close to delivering. My hair always looked just as greasy-if not more greasy-when I got out of the shower. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. The shame is definitely on me. Scent There is a nice clean scent, but it's nothing exceptional. This shampoo is not going to leave your hair smelling clean all day either. Once you dry off, the scent is already gone.



Paul Mitchell Shampoo One is Number One!


Paul Mitchell The Detangler  1 liter I have been using Paul Mitchell products for about 20 years.  Paul Mitchell Shampoo One has been wonderful weather my hair was long or short.  It always leaves my hair shiny and silky and full of body.  The great part is that it isn't a heavy product and since I have naturally curly hair and the product is light, it allows for my curls to spring to attention.  I really like how clean it leaves my hair feeling.  The conditioner doesn't build up and in the past I have had other products build up on my scalp until I was suffereing from an itcy scalp. My hair is actually squeaky when I get done using this shampoo because it leaves my hair and scalp clean.  The price is really affordable.  It is of course more expensive that grocery store products, but as far as salon products go, it is reasonalbly priced.  It is priced on the lower end of Paul Mitchell products but is still better quality than grocery store products.  I also use Paul Mitchell Detangler with it and I would highly recommend this product for its quality, and moderate price.

Delton, MI


Boy, does this shampoo smell good!


I absolutely love this shampoo. It has an amazing coconut smell that makes me crave washing my hair. It is gentle on your hair and doesn't dry it out. My hair never looked so good! I recommend buying it from a Trade Secret when they do their liter sales. I got two liters for the price of one!

Mc Cook, NE


Leaves Hair feeling fresh, clean, and smells great!


Shampoo One by Paul Mitchell smell great in the bottle, and leaves your hair smelling even better.  Gentle shampoo that you can use everyday.  Leaves your hair soft and strong.  I liked the fresh, clean, way my hair feels after.

Charlotte, NC


Does not turn white hair yellow


It is a wonderful shampoo that you can use no matter what type or color of hair you have.  I like it because my husband has beautiful silver white hair and it does not discolor it.  Also, you can buy the big bottle on sale and then dispense it into the smaller bottle. It lathers really well and leaves your hair soft and manageable.

Marietta, TX


Paul Mitchell Shampoo One

4.4 5