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Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell Professional 1-3/8" Smoothing Flat Iron

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Expensive and Broke Quickly


I absolutely loved this flat iron. My hair stylist of MANY years used this one in the salon and I fell in love with it, as I have frizzy, thick, coarse hair that can be pretty hard to manage. I have been through quite a few flat irons over time, and this one that I really loved. It got extremely hot, which was what my hair really needs to get nice and silky smooth. It worked great while it worked, but, unfortunately, this one broke on me after about a year. And now, I can't even remember what I paid for it, but, I do remember it was a LOT and I found it to be extremely disappointing to have such an expensive item break so quickly. Effectiveness It really worked great on my hair, giving my quick, smooth results. It is easy to use and always transformed my hair from frizz to flat. Durability Mine broke in under a year with just average, light daily use. Extremely disappointing after spending so much on a "name brand" product.



Paul MItchell


I never used Paul Mitchell products; I am a CHI fan and an ANDIS fan. My sister told me about Paul Mitchell. She said she loves his product and that I would fall in love with them too, and let me tell you I am in LOVE with this flat iron! I have used CHI and Andis' products for almost 5 years; I used to think that these were the best products out there until I discovered Paul Mitchell. I've used so many crappy hair styling products and none of them gave me the results like Paul Mitchells did. At first I was a little iffy on the price, but I decided to buy it for myself and because I deserve something new every once in a while! This is the only flat iron I will ever use! The only downfall is that I can't use this on my daughter's hair; this works best on the highest setting. My hair is normally frizzy and puffy like a poodle's hair, but in just one use my hair was flat and manageable! This flat iron is AMAZING! This iron gets warm very quickly so it able to get the frizz and curls in just one swipe! My decision on buying this actually came from another review! One from viewpoints and from the Paul Mitchell website!



Pricey but worth it


Paul Mitchell products are known for their quality and this flat iron does not disappoint. I've always used his styling products because he never tests on animals and I was eager to try his flat iron. I have had close to ten irons in my life and this is by far the best one that I've used. My hair is very thick and coarse and I have needed 2" irons with a brush feature in the past. This iron works great even on thick, coarse hair. It really makes my hair shiney. I don't know how, but my hair looks so much healthier than it has with any other iron. And my hair holds the style even into the next day!! Thank you, Paul Mitchell, for yet another great product.

New York, NY


Your chance to buy the best flat iron!


I always felt like this was a good flat iron, but only on the highest setting. My hair is naturally straight, and this always helped me style my hair nicely. However, once I used one of my friend's Paul Mitchell flat irons and another friend's Chi, I"ve quickly discarded my Revlon. You don't realize how awful this flat iron is until you try something that is actually high quality. The plates on this iron just grab at your hair, and it isn't smooth at all. After using a flat iron that really leaves your hair feeling silky smooth, the Revlon just feels like you're destroying your hair and creating more split ends because of how rough it is on your hair, along the same lines as one of those awful "wet to dry" flat irons. If you're on a tight budget, this is the flat iron for you. It does the job and is really cheap, but you get what you pay for. If this is going to be a product you use regularly, invest in something much nicer than this, you'll never look back.

Rochester, NY


The Paul Mitchell Pro flat iron is the best I have ever used!


I have used many different flat irons in the past, but the Paul Mitchell Pro flat iron amazed me the first time I used it. I bought it to replace my Babyliss that I had used for a long time and tought was good. This iron gets my hair smoother and straighter than any other. I have somewhat coarse, naturally wavy hair that tends to be dry and a little frizzy. It smoothes it right out! I also like that it has an adjustable thermostat. It keeps you from frying your hair. The size is nice also, although I with the plates were a little wider. I also wish it had a built in comb like my Babyliss did. Much easier than trying to use a brush and straightener at the same time.  But, this one still outperforms the Babyliss by a long shot. It also seems sturdily built, which my other one was a little flaky in the hinge area, and the paint started to come off. So, all in all, I would highly recommend this product. It's well worth the money becuase you will love it! Yay!

Bowling Green, KY


the paul mitchell straightner is the best one out there


This was one of the best purches that i have made ever! i hate having curly hair and this product has made it easy to get the hair i've always wanted! my hair seems more straight than ever and it also is shiny and smooth. i have tough thick hair so its hard to get a good product that will actually work for me and not against me. Although this straighter is a little expensive i would say it is money well spent and it pays for it self in the end. The guarentee is also great if it stops working just send it to the makers and they'll fix it as long as you have the original receipt and box that it came in you shouldn't have any problems. i wold recommend this product to anyone who wants to have amazingly straight hair whenever they want it! normally my hair takes an hour to straighten with any straightner, with this one it takes me just twenty-five minutes and i am so happy to have that extra time back.

Colorado Springs, CO


the paul mitchell smoothing iron is exceptionally healthy for me


for me the paul mitchell smoothing iron is a neccessity in everyday life. it is so user friendly and provides a healthy look and a shiny finish to your hair. of coarse i also use the same product line extras for an all day hold. it's easy, it doesn't take much product or time, and has added healthiness and strength to my hair everyday. i love this smoothing iron and appreciate paul mitchell's dedication to the enviornment and to continued education and improvement of their products and stylist.

Mandeville, LA


Better than Chi


This iron is everything the Chi is and more.  I am a hairdresser and I have both.  While similar in many ways, including price, the Paul Mitchell iron has adjustable temperature.  This makes the iron useable  on many hair-types, not just course curly hair.  It makes beautifully straight, shiny hair and also bouncy, sexy curls.

Winter Park, FL


This is a wonderful flat iron.


I have naturally curly and somewhat frizzy hair.  After seeing my hair stylist use a flat iron on my hair and the huge difference it made I got very excited about the prospects for being able to do a lot more with my hair than I ever had in the past.  She recommended a different brand, but when I got to the store to pick one up I spoke to the sales ladies there and got some different opinions.  This Paul Mitchell Smoothing flat iron was no more expensive than any of the other comparable irons, but they said that all of the people they had ever sold them to, everyone loves this one.  I have had mine for more than a couple of years now, and it does a wonderful job in straightening my hair.  It also helps smooth out the frizziness.  It gets very warm so it easily tames both the curls and the frizz.  I have had nothing but wonderful things to say about it and I do recommend it to anyone who is looking for a very high quality flat iron.

Huntersville, NC


I love this flat iron!!!


I had this flat iron for a year and a half. I absolutely loved it!  First and foremost, you can control the temperature with the heat setting!  I require a hot iron to straighten my thick hair.  I love how smooth and silky it makes my hair.  I am able to create a straight and stylish look with my iron.  Unfortunately, the cord started acting funky and would not stay on.  I think I kept bending the cord where it attaches to the iron when I put it away in my vanity drawer.  I bought some department store flat iron by Revlon as I didn't want to pay the money to replace it as it is expensive.  The Revlon flat iron in no way could create the look my Paul Mitchel flat iron did.  At this point I realized I had to purchase another Paul Mitchel flat iron...which I did.  I am so glad that I did because you get what you pay for.  The flat iron is of professional quality and does not damage your hair!!  It heats up in a blink of an eye!  It is well worth the investment and I recommend purchasing this product. 

Hampden, ME


Paul Mitchell Professional 1-3/8" Smoothing Flat Iron

4.6 38