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Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment Conditioner

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One of My Favorite Conditioners


Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment Conditioner is one of the best hair conditioners that I use. It helps my hair to feel moisturized, healthy, and it also is great at getting the tangles out of my hair. My hair feels soft and manageable after using this conditioner. It contains shea butter and panthenol to help moisturize and repair dry, damaged hair. Effectiveness My hair is colored every month and is also permed once a year and it sometimes feels very dry and in need of some help. I use this conditioner several times a week to help to replenish my hair with some well needed moisture. I can feel that it has penetrated into my hair even before I have finished rinsing my hair. My hair feels so much better after using this and is much more manageable and easier to style too. Scent This conditioner has a very light and delightful scent. It is not overpowering but it is noticeable in a pleasant way.



Best moisturing conditioner


Paul Mitchell conditioners were designed with every hair type in mind. This conditioner spray is formulated with finest quality ingredients designed to transform your dull, lifeless hair into radiant and vibrant hair. **Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment Conditioner** gives your hair its daily nourishment it needs. Most of all its super-moisturizing and strengthens your hair. Paul Mitchell has made this great conditioner for everyday use but I use this as a deep conditioner. It made my hair shiny, smoother and stronger. I'm really impressed with it and would be sticking with this for a while. Give it a try it !!

San Diego, CA


Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment Conditioner

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