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Shampoo for All Hair Types
Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo

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Great cleansing shampoo.


The Paul Mitchell clarifying shampoo is a great basic shampoo that is great for all hair types. It will gently remove product build up throughout your hair. This shampoo will not dry out your hair or make it feel brittle, like some clarifying shampoos can do. I recommend this shampoo.



superawesome! I'm so glad I found it


Did you ever walk in to a store, or order something online, only to find out that what you purchased was not what you had intended to purchase? As a middle class single working mom, I find my budget stretched so tight sometimes that I find myself seeking 'cheap' (as in inexpensive) items on EBay or Craig's List.  My most recent acquistion was exactly one that I didn't know I had ordered, and I was extremely disappointed in myself for not looking much closer. I have noticed lately that I am developing a dandruff problem, something I haven't had trouble with since I was a teenager.  I wear a lot of black or dark colored tops to work, and have been extremely embarrased with specks here and specks there.  My daughter even made mention of my 'new' dandruff problem. My accidental purchase happened to be the new Paul Mitchell clarifying shampoo, developed primarily for swimmers, people that get a lot of residue on their hair that is difficult to get out.  While I was disappointed that I had made such a stupid mistake, I gave the shampoo a fair shake.  It is wonderful!  My hair was so squeaky clean that I could not believe it.  I added my tiny bit of cream rinse after only 1 wash, to take care of my fly away fine hair, and waited for the work shirt test.   I'm a new woman. I'm a new Paul Mitchell clarifying shampoo woman.  I haven't noticed any dandruff since I started using this shampoo.  Someone was watching over me when I made my EBay boo boo, and now I couldn't be happier with my clean, dandruff free hair.  You don't have to be a swimmer to use Paul Mitchell clarifying shampoo.  It works wonders on dandruff too! Scent Doesn't really have a noticeable scent, which makes it more generic for either men or women.

Stayton, OR


Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo works great!


I haven't noticed a lot of products just in the general market of hair and body products that are for chlorine. If you are a swimmer- like me- and swim in a lap pool in a regular basis- whether you're a high school student on swim team- or are an adult who competes- or just a regular person, like me, who does it for exercise and personal form, you are probably concerned about chlorine damage in your hair and skin. I have very long hair so I am highly concerned about it- because I want to maintain it's softness and health. This works pretty good, I really like the shampoo. It is in a gel form, and it lathers a lot. Which I really like, cuz it's easy to work through hair, and it is very soothing. The conditioner is just okay. I didn't think it was very moisturizing, which I have a problems with being able to find conditioners that are as moisturizing as I like them to be. Over all, I think that this system is good for after you swim, but I wouldn't use it as my every day shampoo. I like the way it smells, and I like the style of the bottles. Plus, it's easy to take along in your gym bag! But it falls over a lot on the shower floor at the gym. This product is expensive, but it's the best chlorine product I've used. Hope this helps, good luck!

Reedsville, WI


Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo

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