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Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell Baby Don't  Cry Detangler Spray ( leave in conditioner)

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Paul Mitchell Baby Don't Cry Detangler Spray, can"t live without


The **Paul Mitchell Baby Don't Cry Detangler Spray** is a can not live without product.  Do you have short or long hair? Do you tear and tense when pulling out knots and tangles? Well I have had both styles and I do struggle wiht knots and tangles every morning and **Paul Mitchell Baby Don't Cry Detangler Spray **is my great solution to that problem.  It is a wonderful product that lasts and functions to do exactly as you hope.  Simple and easy to use you just apply the product and leave it in!  Can it get any more perfect than that...yes!  Your tangle and knots are like magicians and just vanish.  This product is one every girl and young women should use.  It is suitable for all hair types and ages.  **Paul Mitchell Baby Don't Cry Detangler Spray** is dependable and functions better than you can hope for.  It is a must have for women and I highly recommend using this product as lillte or as often as needed.


Manchester, NH


pm leave in


this is a greast product. Is not just for little ones. you can use to detangle anyones hair. smells great and is especially great light weight leave in conditioner while in the sun. bring it with you to the pool or beach to keep hair healthy all year.


Chicago Heights, IL


Thank you Paul Mitchell


 Where do I start? This stuff is just a miracle plain and simple. Paul Mitchell really did it this time with this Baby Don't Cry leave in conditioner spray. Not only is it for kids but I use it in my hair as well and it is goooood. I hate to have to share the bottle with my daughter (lol). It has a light baby powder smell to it and it leaves the hair so soft and very very easy to manage. It sprays out in a light mist and softens the hair in seconds. Having a coarse grade of hair it is hard to find good products that work with your hair. I don't even think that man knows how good this stuff is. If I had a salon I would definitly have millions of bottles of this stuff in it. It is very nourishing. I use it everyday when I have it, and I love the fact that every time you spray it on you are conditioning your hair. It really works the kinks out. You can use it on dry or wet hair. I really don't think this product gets enough recognition and I try to tell as many people as I can about it. Thanks again Mr. Mitchell. You're the man!


Winston Salem, NC


Paul Mitchell Baby Don't Cry Detangler Spray ( leave in conditioner)

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