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Patton Portable Twin Oscillating Ceramic Heater

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small but powerful heater


I have used this heater for 4 winters now. I orginally bought it to heat a home office. Then I decided to try it in a 26 ft. travel trailer during hunting season and found that it will keep the entire trailer warm and comfortable without using the trailers "central heat" system. That saves a lot of propane. It can be set to maintain whatever temp you want and will cycle on and off as needed. You can also select oscillate if you want. It puts out a lot of heat for such a small heater.

Greenwood, LA


The Patton 1500 Watt Oscillating Heater is Cute and Compact!


The Patton 1500 Watt Oscillating Ceramic Heater is cute and compact, and efficiently heats my living room! I got this heater as a present from my mother when I moved into my own apartment, and when it got cold and I finally decided to use it, I was amazed.  This heater is able to heat my entire living room by itself, and it's relatively quiet! I cannot hear it when I have the TV on. Also, it is cool to the touch, and that is a big deal for an animal lover like me. I needed a heater that was safe for my cat to accidentally bump her tail against, or for my curious puppy to walk clear into, and this heater gets the job done. I also use it in my bedroom when I want to reduce to energy bill, as this little heater keeps my room just as warm as a baseboard heater just uses much less power! And, it oscillates to ensure that the whole room is warmed rather than having the heat simply radiate from a board on the wall.  Overall, I would certainly recommend this heater to someone needing to heat a small room, or just someone looking to save some money on their electric bill.  It's compact, very light-weight and portable, and the adjustable thermostat lets you choose just what temperature you'd like it to emit.

Deep Gap, NC


Patton Portable Twin Oscillating Ceramic Heater

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