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Patterson's Beef Hot Dog Chili

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Most definitely buy this chili again.


I have been eating Patterson's Hot Dog Chili for over 60 years and it is by far the best canned chili I have ever eaten.

Garner, NC


The only canned chili I like on my hot dogs esp grilled weiners.


I love chili on hot dogs, but I'd rather do without than eat bad hot dog chili like Texas Pete. Ugh. We had that growing up, and I thought that was the worst stuff ever. They do call it "chili sauce" and not just chili, but it looks and tastes more like dog food I think. No slam on Texas Pete. I like the hot sauce, but the chili sauce is just WRONG. I've tried a couple of other brands which were not much better, but I did find that Patterson's Beef Hot Dog Chili is pretty tasty for a canned chili. It's not as good a homemade (not that I expected it to be), but when I don't have time or don't feel like making chili for the hot dogs, I go with Patterson's chili. Patterson's is a fairly smooth but still meaty tasting chili. It has a tad more tomato than my favorite homemade chilis but OK and the spice blend is pleasant. This is my back up plan for hot dogs. Generally, I make bigger batches of homemade chili for hot dogs and freeze back some for extra meals. But, we do run out from time to time. Until I found Patterson's chili, we just ate them plain with mustard, but this is a good chili and certainly a step up from other canned brands I've tried.

southern, NC


You're not from the south, if you don't eat Patterson's Chili


Patterson's Beef Hot Dog Chili has got to be the best canned chili I have ever served on dogs and burgers. I'm 56 years old and was raised up eating Patterson's Beef Hot Dog Chili. My mother would not purchase any other chili. It has a mellow taste that is not over powered with that yucky tomato taste as some. When I don't have home made on hand, I go for the next best chili, which is Patterson's Beef Hot Dog Chili. You're not from the south if you don't eat Patterson's Chili. In my area, general grocery stores carries it only in 8 oz. can. I really would like to see it in larger cans. Also, I would like to see Wal-Mart carry this brand too. When I drop in a general grocery store, I purchase 16 cans at a time. Mmmmm good since 1942!  

Burlington, NC


Patterson's Beef Hot Dog Chili

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