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Pasta Roni
Pasta Roni All Varieties

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Takes a L-O-N-G time to thicken.


I have tried **Pasta Roni** twice now.  The first time I tried it I wasn't impressed so, I decided to try it again. I followed the box directions exactly.  They were simple to read and understand:  In a medium saucepan, bring to a boil the water, milk and butter.  Then add the pasta and seasonings.  Boil 4-5 minutes.  Then, comes the kicker.  "Sauce will be thin. Let stand 3-5 minutes to thicken." Herein, lies the problem.  It takes forever for it to thicken. I tried my second box of Pasta Roni tonight.  We kept waiting for the thickening to happen.  We kept watching- and watching, stirring- and stirring.  We ate our meal and the pasta was beginning to thicken a little [or maybe we just wanted to].  It wasn't until I started cleaning up that I noticed the Pasta Roni had finally thickened! **Bottomline:** It was too long of a wait for the sauce to thicken.  I won't buy this again.****    

Northern, FL


Quick and Easy Pasta Meals


I love to cook dinner, but sometimes I want a great meal without a lot of work, so of course I turn to a box.  Pasta Roni is a great solution to home cooking because they make great tasting pasta dishes, and you just pour, boil and mix.  The box comes with all the pasta and seasonings you need and you just add milk to make it creamy.  They make a variety of flavors like four cheese parmesan, white cheddar and brocolli and fettucine alfredo.  I love the sauces because they have so many flavors and spices to make the pasta taste great.  I love the Nature's Way line of flavors because they are made with all natural pasta and no preservatives and are a little bit healthier.  My favorite is the Creamy Parmesano flavor with the great taste of pasta and cheese and just about 280 calories per serving.  The nutrition varies for each flavor but most are about 300-350 with about 2 servings per box.  I like to add vegetables to the pasta for a bigger meal and pair it with a side salad.  This is a great pick for dinner, that is quick and flavorful.

Las Vegas, NV


Pasta Roni All Varieties

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