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Parents Pop Beads Snap

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Love these pop beads


My three year old daughter just got these beads for her birthday.  Not only does she love them, but I do too.  The beads come in a variety of shapes and colors.  Also included are attachments that allow you to make bracelets and rings.  The possibilities of combinations and styles seem endless. Not only can you make jewelry with these beads but you can also use them to help your child learn how to categorize - simply use a muffin tin and have your child sort by color, shape or size.  My daughter really enjoys doing this. I like that these beads encourage creativity and like I said I enjoy making things along side my daughter which is a bonus because I do not enjoy all of the toys/activities that she does.  With 500 pieces there are plenty of beads for mulitple people to make something at the same time. The beads come in a great, durable container that is really nice for storing the beads. I strongly recommend these beads for any little girls, three years or older.

Aurora, CO


Loved by kids, but break easily.


Parents Pop Beads Snap set are a lot of fun for my daughter.  She loves snapping the beads together to create necklaces and bracelets for herself and for me.  I also enjoy helping her make these things.  We have spent hours together creating and then wearing beautiful jewelry out of thes pop beads.  But a word of caution.  Supervise your child closely with these.  First of all, they are easily dropped and become trip hazards on the floor.  Not to mention how hard they are on a vacuum cleaner.  But my biggest concern is that the connectors are easily broken off.  Once they started breaking, I decided to take them away from my daughter.  Of course she cried, but I am more concerned about keeping her safe.  My daughter tends to stick things in her mouth and it concerns me that she might do that with these and choke on it.  She has even stuck small items in her nose a couple of times, so I'm worried she might put these in her nose.  For reasons of safety, I am forced to say that I can not recommend this toy.

Marion, OH


I wanted to love these, too bad I didn't.


Like many other moms, I have fond memories of pop beads. I spent hours "designing" my own pieces and sharing them with others. Years later when I started my own real jewelry business and had many a "flashback" to those fun pop bead memories. So I was thrilled when a friend gave my babies this Parents Pop bead set. Like many of the other Parents toys, this item has their standard green, orange, and purple theme. The beads themselves are cute with interesting shapes and textures in rich vivid hues. However, I guess like all pop beads they are a disaster to manage, especially on the wooden floor. I'm sure I still have a bruise from stepping on the irregular shaped beads. Despite limited play our connecters on the beads started breaking and were a terror on the vacuum. The most disappointing thing about this set is the canister. Parent's designed a cool shaped canister, however, this irregular shape is hard to store in typical child storage shelves and the mouth of the canister makes dispensing difficult. 

Ashford, AL


I really enjoyed these myself


I  just  love  the  parents  bead  set  we  got  our  three  year  old  daughter.  It  is  so  good  to  help  her  learn  coordination  and patients.  There  are  so  many  possibilites  and  is  a  great  way  to  interact  with  her.  I  love  they  way  they  help  spark  her  imagination  like  making  a  jewelery  set  and  then  becoming  a  princess  it  is  so cute.  Some  of  the  beads  are  really  hard  to  put  together  and  some  of  the  end  pieces  have  bent  and  almost  have  broken  off   but  that  is  after  a  year  of  use  yet  stil  a  concern  for  younger  children.  They  are  of  course  very  hard  to  keep  track  of  and  very  eaisily  lost  the  container  they  come  in  is  cute  but  not  very  practicall  to  keep  them  in  it  was  too big  for  any  of  the  shelves  we  had  so  i  did  have  to  go  an  buy  a  new  container  to  put   them  in.  other  than  that  they  were  a  great  buy

Reading, PA


Parents Pop Beads Snap

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