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Parent's Choice Healthflow bottle and food warmer Baby Bottle

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Pretty Effective For Price


If someone wants this fancy of a bottle, then this is a quality product at a low price. It certainly will cost more than a regular bottle, but for us, the added convenience is worth the little bit of extra money that it cost. It does well at keeping the food warm, and it also seems to be easier for the child to eat from without swallowing extra air and getting an upset stomach. Child's Comfort Our children never had problems using this type of product. They always ate well and seemed extremely comfortable while using it. Leak Prevention We have never had any problems with this product leaking. Ease of Cleaning This product is extremely easy to clean. Keeps Air Out This bottle does quite well at keeping air out and preventing the baby from swallowing too much air and developing gas and stomach issues. Durability This product has lasted a long time without breaking down or giving any other durability issues. We have been pleased with its durability.



Parent's Choice Healthflow bottle and food warmer Baby Bottle

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