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Parents Choice Enfamil

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Low Price for Good Product


This product provides essential nutrition for a baby's development at a relatively low cost. Since it is far cheaper than the leading name-brand equivalent products on the market today, I would recommend this product. There may be a slight drop-off in quality from the name-brand products, but in my opinion, this drop-off is relatively negligible. Quality of Ingredients This Parents Choice enfamil gives added nutrition that is essential for a young baby's development, especially the development of the brain. This enfamil provides extra iron and DHA that can help in the development of the brain of the baby at a very young age, which in turn will help him throughout his entire life. Other name-brand products may use slightly better quality ingredients, but this one does provide the necessary nutrition in its basic form. Safety We have never had any issues with the safety of this product.



Parents Choice Enfamil

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