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Parent's Choice
Parent's Choice Diapers

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Would recommend to everyone with a baby!!


I have been lucky enough to use this brand of diapers with all 3 of my children. For the price you can't beat it. I have never had a problem with this brand


Canon City Co




These Diapers are HORRIBLE!!!! A complete waste of money. They Leak, Tare easily, and they broke my baby out . I had just changed my daughter and put her in her walker went and washed clothes and what not comeback its a puddle of water underneath her on the floor I didn't think nothing of it because I had just changed her but she was drinking some water in her bottle so I thought her bottle was leaking so I got the mop and got it up okay ..I bring her in the room where my mom was she's still in her walker. Couple mins go by BOOM There's another puddle on the floor my mom gets it up twice this time my daughter had no bottle. I pick her up the diaper was on her the proper way its just was the diapers were poorly made, if they don't burst in the inside, they leak on the outside they're NOT the best quality diapers to buy no wonder why they're so cheap.Once again they suck! They're even worst at night you have to keep getting up changing diapers like 4/5 times because the diapers are just that unhealthy. I will suggest Huggies and Pampers any day. You guys have good wipes but bad diapers.


Memphis, TN


These are great!


I was using expensive brand diapers because I thought they were the best. After using parents choice, I've completely changed my mind. These diapers are just as good as the expensive brands. No leaks, and great for overnight. They seem comfortable and my baby can move well in them. I really like these diapers.


Clarksburg, WV


Horrible Experience for my baby .. Never Again!


I decided to give parents choice diapers a try since it is inexpensive but my daughter started breaking out in a rash in her pelvis area .. At first i thought they were great and then this happened .. Never again !


Virginia beach


Highly Recommended


Parent's Choice diapers are one of the best diapers out there. They may be cheap to buy but the diapers themselves are of really high quality. I never have any issues with leakage and they help to keep your baby dry in between changes with their awesome absorbency. They are better than most of the leading brands in my opinion.


Winchester, VA


Great and cheap


I have 4 kids and have always used and trusted this brand. They are very absorbent and they are at a great price.




Worst brand out there!


I have only been using this brand for about 5 days, and my daughter has developed a horrible horrible rash. Nothing has changed with her diet, the edges of these diapers, have left her raw and almost blistered. I didn't even want to give one star! I'm so disappointed and I feel so bad for my baby. Diaper change time is a disaster now.


Chicago, Illinois


Great diaper at a great price


We decided to give these a try after having our third child. We ended up loving them. They are cheaper than other brands but work just as good. We've tried various brands with our baby and these are a great value. We've had no leaks and they haven't irritated our baby.




Parent's Choice Overnight -the way to go


My review is for the Parent's Choice Overnight diapers in the blue and white case. I tried many brands of overnights, some of them very expensive. I tried these on a whim at a fraction of the cost and have started using them all the time. The pice and absorbency cannot be compared to any of the other brands I have tried. A case of the competitor is about double what I pay for these. My son used to wake up with his clothing and bed soaked and that is with changing at midnight and waking up at six am. Once I switched to these overnights- that is a thing of the past.


Pensacola, FL


Parent's choice diapers16-28lb


very disturbed/disappointed when I opened this last box of parent's choice diapers to find a box full of crumpled up newspaper and whole pamphlets of newpaper as the weight of box, with one single diaper hanging from the top of surrounding bag. Where is the quality control??




Parent's Choice Diapers

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