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Parents Choice Baby Bottle and Food Warmer

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My choice for easy, and practical


I bought this bottle warmer used, and have now used it for my two babies. I store milk in the freezer, and this makes it so easy to thaw, and warm bottles. I just set it on low until the milk thaws, then turn it up to warm the bottle. It only takes a few minutes to warm. I do wish it had a thermostat to avoid overwarming bottles, but that would probably make it more expensive and complicated to use. I just check it every couple of minutes until the bottle reaches the correct temperature. I leave the water in mine, and just clean it once every two days, instead of adding water each time. I've used drop-in type bottles, as well as glass bottles, and it worked well for both, just took longer of course for the glass bottle. If you're looking for a reliable, easy to use bottle warmer, this will get the job done, and will last. It has a place to store the cord on the bottom, so when you don't need it, it's easy to pack up with the other baby stuff.


Greencastle, IN


Best Baby Bottle Warmer


This is the most convenient bottle-baby food warmer. I bought to warm up my cats food as she has kidney failure. I got tired of nuking it in the microwave. I put the amount I need for the cats food in a baby food bottle and set it in the warmer. I then put water in the warmer and plug it in and leave it in for 7 minutes at high and it comes out warmed up not hot thoroughly. You need to fill the unit only a little more than 1/4 full or your bottle will float and not warm. It warms periodically when the green light comes on. It shoots heat from inside the unit from the grates on the bottom center. I empty the water after each warm up of my cats food after each us as I dont wish a mineral buildup. I have had this unit for at least 2 years.


Arlington Heights, IL


Parents Choice Baby Bottle and Food Warmer

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