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Paragon Thrifty Pop 8oz Popcorn Maker

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Dont waste your money on this


I love popcorn and was looking for something fun for movie nights thats easy to use. But going all out was a waste of time. This machine is expensive for nothing. The popcorn gets stale very fast and doesnt taste like the movie theater popcorn. I also found it hard to clean. I will just need to go back to something more basic then going all out.



Popcorn popper brings back fond memories


While this popcorn popper brought back fond memories of movie theaters and yes, it really works it is almost to much trouble for what it does. It doesn't pop enough corn at a time, What I have done for parties is but what I have done is pre- pop the corn. Fill the machine with that popcorn and occasionally do a popping in the machine itself. Looks good and you see the popped corn through glass and when you do pop a kettle the sound is there, as well as the smell and atmosphere. Unit does get hot so be cautious someone doesn't get burned. Children should only use with adult supervision. Performance Popcorn oil should be used in machine. I pre-pop corn and fill machine part way up so the machine become a focal point of party or event. Settings/Features The machine basically has a on/off switch and is very simple to use. You heat machine, pour popcorn in the little tub and wait for the popcorn The smell of the corn popping is a early child memory. Ease of Cleaning It is a big job to clean this little machine. You need to clean the glass and all of the cracks/corners are difficult to get to.The machine does get hot so you do need to be cautions and make sure unit is cooled down before starting this job. Ease of Use It is well built, cute as can be. I would say for the most part it is a decoration; Glass door closes tight. Durability This was a gift and we only use it for conversation at a party.


Peoria, AZ


Paragon Thrifty Pop 8oz Popcorn Maker

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