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Conditioner for Dry Hair
Pantene Leave-In Conditioner

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Left my hair feeling heavy and greasy.


This Pantene Pro-V Leave-in Conditioner does not seem like a bad product at first, but the more I used it, the heavier my hair felt and the limper it looked. My hair looked flat and greasy after using this product just twice. I did not use it two days in a row and I tried to use less the second time around, but I still noticed that my hair did not look good. I kept trying with this product, but after about five uses, I got rid of it. I think my hair may have been too fine for this product, which is why it seemed heavier after using it. This product had a nice scent, but the consistency was very thick and it coated my hair very thickly when I applied it. This leave-in conditioner would be much better for people with thicker hair/curly hair. It is simply not made for those with that fine or thin hair. I would not recommend this product and I will not be using it again. Scent I liked this product's scent. It was simple and overpowering.



Soft & Frizz Free Hair


I absolutely love Pantene's Leave-In Conditioner. In leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable. It does not weigh it down nor does it leave it sticky or heavy. I have curly hair, so trying to tame my hair has been a hassle, especially during the hot humid weather. The are no fly aways and Pantene's Leave In Conditioner leaves my hair like its wet or the "gel look" without the gel gunk. Plus its still soft and not rock hard. I like the smell of it too. The price is pretty decent too for such a high quality product - generally the Pantene line has great hair products. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

Arden, NC


Perfect for extra softness


I find it very difficult to find this product because it is alway sold out! The leave in conditioner is so great that even my husband uses it in order to manage his very curly hair with it. For me, it is great to help detangle my hair after a swim or even being in the wind. It helps for me to not break my hair constantly while trying to brush the tangles out. If too much is used it can make hair slightly greasy, and can weight your hair down. But when used correctly, your hair will feel salon prepared. I found that it also helps with static. With my hair being so fine and thin, static can be a big problem--especially in Texas! The leave in conditioner keeps my hair tame enough that it won't get out of control, but soft enough so that it doesn't get into one big knot that I can't get out without a heavy duty brush. For my husband, it keeps the hairspray from making his hair rock hard to the point that it gives him a headache.

Venus, TX


Pantene leave-in conditioner leaves hair feeling soft!


I have used Pantene leave-in conditioner for over 12 years!  it leaves my hair feeling healthier than other products I've tried and it's not as pricey as expensive hair salon products.  Panetene leaves your hair with a softness you can feel immediately after it dries.  I experience less breaking and less split ends when I use Pantene and even though it leaves hair soft it doesn't lose the volume or make hair greasy or flat.  Pantene works so well I even use it on my daughters' hair.  Their cork-screw curls always turn out softer and more defined.   I would encourage anyone, men or women, who are looking for softer, healthier and more manageable hair to use Pantene leave-in conditioner or any other product from the Pantene conditioning line.  You can find Pantene at any Fred Meyer, Safeway, Walgreens or Wal-Mart or usually any grocery store or drug store although I don't believe it's sold at hair salons.

Portland, OR


not for me at all!!


i tryed the product and i didnt really like it. it was for dry damaged hair and i think it made my hair even more dry. i have really long hair so i need a detaggeler and man it took for ever to get my hair brushed out! i dont know if thats what was going to happen but i didnt like it at all. i might of not left it in long enough but i left it in for 5+ mins. a friend of mine told me that pantene pro-v really damages your hair and makes you get split ends. i have never had a problem with there product before now. i might use it again when im dont have nothing to do that day. the whole day my hair was out of control!! the one good thing about it is my boyfriend said he really loved the smell! so it smells good but the product didnt work for me. try it your self and let me know what you think. and if you have any tips because i really like pantene pro-v. im gonna try a differnt conditioner, maybe i needed a leave in one to

Santa Rosa, CA


Pantene Leave-In Conditioner

4.0 5