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Pantene Smoothing Frizz Defense Creme

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works really well with frizzy hair


so i have been experimenting with many products for my wavy/ curly hair.i love using the pantiene line for my hair i feel like it works the best!! my curls limp down really easy so i would considerthe m more wavy but wavy hair still gets frizy!!! expesiually when its really windy outside! it also find it hard to do my hair without it looking knotted up and messy a few hours later! its like some sprays after a few hours just wear out or make my hair look dirty. but this pantiene smoothing friz defense cream works really fantatsically! i found it under my sisters bathroom almost empty and i decieded to use it. it made my hair actually soft and manageable. it didnt curl up my waves but it made my waves shinnyer and made my hair look healthier. i really want to buy a bottle for my self but i fear my sister will take it lol. this product is very nice and i love how you can buy it anywhere like walmart

Palmdale, CA


not heavy in your hair


I needed this stuff on my last visit to texas because for some reason, when there is a high amount of humidity in the air, my hair gets frizzy. I'm asian so it doesn't curl per se, but it does kind of stick out at strange angles after it gets exposed to the moisture and heat of texas weather. So I bought a bottle of this on sale at the grocery store on a whim and found it to be pretty good at keeping my hair from flying out at all angles without weighing it down or making it look like I was using a ton of product. It also didn't feel gross in my hair, which is something I'm particular about because I hate when it feels oily and greasy because of product. And given that it only cost me about five bucks at the store on sale, it was a good value buy for use on my vacation to see my parents because I was only there for about three weeks and didn't want to invest too much money on something I would only need for a bit. It worked out well.

Los Angeles, CA


Only a temporary solution.


This only helped when my hair was barely poofy/frizzy.  Which is a rare case, because my hair hates me on the average day.  I found that it seemed to work for a few hours at most, but then my hair would puff right back up again.  Not worth it.

Camden, NJ


I gotta have my Pantene!


       Pantene has the best hair products ever! I have very long hair and I've experimented with many different brands of leave-in conditioners. Then the search was over when I discovered Pantene's Smoothing Defense Creme. It's a must have for me. I wash my hair at least every other day because I do construction work with my husband. That tended to dry my hair out. Until I discovered Pantene's Smoothing Defense Creme. It works amazingly! I get complements on my hair regularly and owe a lot of that to Pantene. It really does smooth and defrizz my hair. I just put a little on as I comb out my hair after a shower and I'm ready to go. It doesn't get any easier than that and you can't beat the value!

Perris, CA


Pantene Smoothing Frizz Defense Creme

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