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Volumizing Conditioner
Pantene Pro-V Texturize Conditioner

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Pantene Texturizer Conditioner


I really love Pantene products. I am not usually one to try different products but I decided to purchase this over the counter at the local grocery store in my area. Pantene is a product that is known for being able to be used by people from all ethnic backgrounds. I must say that I love it. It makes my hair feel great and it cost a little bit more than some over the counter hair products in the grocery store or drug store but it is well worth every penny. Effectiveness The conditioner makes my hair feel soft and free. My hair feels silky and full of volume. In fact the product lives up to what it is suppose to. I must say that it is highly effective. If my hair is tangled or course. It leaves my hair tangle-free and manageable. I love the feel of the conditioner and the fact that unlike some conditioners, it really conditions my hair. Scent The scent is so refreshing and stays on my hair even after I rinse it out. I can even smell it in my hair the next day. The smell is not too strong but just enough to make me feel clean and relaxed. I love the conditioner and highly recommend it to anyone.



Great for short, fun hair!


Pantene Texturize  Conditioner is the BEST! I have short, textured hair and I wasn't sure at first that I really thought a conditionercould help my hair. But this really does help lend shape to it and allow me to style it easier.  I am used to spending very little on shampoo and conditioner  and the price of Pantene Texturize seemed even a little high for me.  However, it is money well spent. The bottle lasts a very long time and is well worth it.  I find my hair much easier to style now.  It helps to make it chunky or spikey, whichever I feel like that day.  My hair never feels like it has a residue on it and always feels clean. The smell of the formula is good and not too overpowering.  My hair always looks, feels and smells clean.  So for the price combined with the excellent cleaning power and management of my wavy, short and spikey hair, this Pantene Texturize certainly does the job! I would highly recommend this to anyone with short, fun hair!  really helps with all the product I put in my hair. 

Knightdale, NC


I can't live without this!


I have tried many conditioners over many years, and finally I have found the perfect conditioner for me! My thick hair tends to hang down a lot even with cut layers. After using this shampoo and conditioner system I have a lot of added lift and bounce. You can clearly see the difference just from using the products alone. It leaves my hair easier to style. Add a blow dryer and I get amazing results. I look like I just came from the salon! It's never greasy, limp or tangled after using this product. My teenage daughter has now discovered it and also loves it. She even had her friend come over and try it!

Saint Cloud, MN


Pantene Pro-V Texturize Conditioner

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