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Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Time Renewal Shampoo

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Does help smooth hair


This is a good shampoo which I find makes my hair feel clean and does in fact reduce fuzziness such as flyaways. It won't eliminate all frizziness so you might still have to use hair products to help smooth and style your hair afterwards, but if you only have minor frizz this might be all you need.




Really repaired my damaged hair.


I've used the same shampoo and conditioner for years, but my mom told me about Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Time Reversal and after she raved about it I just had to try it too.  It made a HUGE difference in my hair the first time I used it.  My hair was more manageable, easier to comb out after my shower and it was shinier than it had been in years. After I'd used it for a week there were more improvements and after I finished the first bottle I was sold.  People were complimenting me on my hair, it had more bounce and my natural waves were more defined, but the biggest proof to me that it works was that I no longer had to use a leave-in conditioner to keep the frizzies at bay.  I live in the desert and it is DRY 360 days out of the year. This shampoo (and conditioner, I used the set) makes such a difference, it makes my hair as healthy as it was when we lived by the ocean.  I'm VERY happy with this product. 


La Quinta, CA


Pantene Pro V Resoratives leaves no frizz


I started to use Pantene Pro V Restoratives Frizz Control shampoo about 3 years ago, this shampoo is my go to shampoo during the summer and early fall because we have high humidity during those times and my hair goes crazy.  This shampoo for some reason weights my hair down and eliminates the frizz, it works wonders! As well as eliminating the frizz in my hair it is also a smoothing shampoo, so I can just let my hair air dry and do not have to put it through the torture of a blow dryer or a straightener. After using this shampoo it is hard to go back to using a normal shampoo because of the way normal shampoo makes my hair feel, very weighted down.  Although the shampoo is a bit on the expensive side it is well worth the cost, especially if your hair is prone to frizziness.  I would definitely recommend Pantene Pro V Restoratives Frizz Control shampoo to anyone who lives in a humid place or fights frizziness.


Lake Havasu City, AZ


Make sure it's RESTORATIVE and not regular Pantene


The Pantene Restorative works nothing like the regular Pantene. If you are using, and like the regular Pantene, you should treat yourself to the Restorative range of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and so on. It costs a bit more and the size is much smaller than the regular Pantene, and it is available in some local supermarkets or pharmacies. I usually have to go to town to buy this range. The best part about this whole range is that it really really lasts. If you wash your hair everyday, you might want to just stick with the regular brand. If you can go without washing for a couple of days, then this product will do just the trick. Your hair will remain remarkably soft, smooth and all that for a couple of days without the weight down feeling. It does not have an overpowering scent. The downside is that I wish Pantene would make their shampoo and conditioner in a nicer lemony or some fruity scent


Honolulu, HI


great buy for the frizz control, leaves hair soft and manageable


I have naturally curly hair and this product helps keep the frizz and fro in control and manageable. Great price for the product, I don't have to use as much anti-frizz product and leaves my hair soft and bouncy.


Astoria, NY


Pantene Time Renewal is a great product for damaged hair


I really saw a difference in my hair after using this product.  My hair is softer and shinier and I find it is easier to manage after I blow dry it.  Some days I can blow dry and not have to comb through it again, it looks great!


Corpus Christi, TX


has a good smell and cleans your hair.


I have been using Pantene shampoos for a while and decided to try the Pantene Pro-v Restoratives Time Renewal shampoo.  The shampoo says that over a month it will repair damaged hair.  My hair has the usual wear and tear that most folks experience since I use a curling iron and hot hair dryer onit daily.  My hair wasn't overly damaged, but I thought it would be good to use a new shampoo to help my hair.  This shampoo worked well to clean my hair, but after using it a few weeks I didn't feel like I had any dramatic results.  I think that for the price I wouldn't purchase this particular Pantene shampoo again, but I would purchase other lower priced Pantene products.


Chester, VA


Pantene Pro-V Restorative shampoo is Terrific!


I recently bought Pantene Pro-V restorative shampoo. It is an amazing shampoo. It makes my hair feel so soft and smooth. It comes in a tube, so it is easy to handle. You only need a small amount it really lathers up. My hair is flat and limp but really thick. It gave my hair great volume after blow drying with a styling brush. I didn't need to add mousse or gel like I usually do. I also used the matching conditioner with it. I also had a lot of hair falling out all over the bathroom floor. Since I started using the shampoo and the conditioner a few weeks ago I haven't seen as much. Pro-V restorative shampoo has helped strengthened my hair. So now I have strong, soft, resilant,strong,healthy hair that has less fallout. My husband appreciates that since he hates seeing hair all over the bathroom floor everytime I brush my hair. The shampoo also has a nice fragrance. I recomend using the shampoo and the conditioner for better results. Thank you Pantene for a great product!


Farmington, MI


Pantene Restoratives products are a deal at any price


I used my first bottles of Pantene Restoratives shampoo and conditioner starting last month. I have waist length hair that is very fine and winter wreaks havoc on it. It was so dry and the split ends were getting really out of control. I've used the regular pantene for over a year but needed something more. I have to tell you that the restoratives line really delivers. It smells great and the shampoo lathers up nicely without having to use a whole handful. Both the shampoo and conditioner rinse out fairly easily without leaving any heavy residue. I actually saw a noticable difference in the look and feel of my hair within two weeks of using these products. I only wash my hair three to four times a week so I am very impressed. What's even better is that my husband just last night told me out of the blue how great my hair looks. Restoratives has really strengthened my hair too. It's not breaking or splitting as easily and I'm not leaving as much hair in my brush now either. It's staying on my head where it's supposed to!! Restoratives has made my hair look and feel healthy and smell great too. I reccommend this product to anybody with hair!


Paris, TX


I love it brought my hair back 2 life


   I love this shampoo, I was like loosing a lot of hair with the other shampoos i used and they left my hair hard to manage even after using the conditioner. I love the way it leaves my hair feeling super clean and also soft. I also love that if you have really damaged hair and if you use the shampoo twice a week after two weeks you should start seeing your hair more healthy and manageable. anyone who has damaged hair should buy the pantene restorative line. with a product like this out in the market, there is no need to waste money going to the salon, when you can waste half the money and time waiting for your turn to come up. another good thing about this product is that it could be combined with another product. I have recommended this product to all my family members and they are very satisfied with the product, I am sure that when you try the product you too will be very satisfied with the results.  


New York, NY


Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Time Renewal Shampoo

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