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Conditioner for Dry Hair
Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality Conditioner

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Makes hair easy to brush, but weighs my hair down


I have tried a lot of the smooth vitality pantene line and it does work well. I have hair that is down to my hips and I have a hard time finding conditioner that detangles my hair without making it flat and weighed down. I use a very big pile to get it all through my hair so maybe if you have shorter hair and use less it would work better. It smells awesome and my hair is always easy to brush after the shower. It is pretty thick and letting it sit in my hair for just a minute makes my hair very shiny and soft. It works perfectly on my daughter's hair and her hair seems much lighter and easier to style after using it. I also used the matching shampoo with it, and it leaves my hair smelling very good. I recommend it for average length hair.



Not enough moisture.


This conditioner is not moisturizing at all. It left my long hair feeling very dry and untamed. My ends were an absolute mess while using this. It made my hair frizzy and had this weird, messy witch-like wave to it, not smooth at all. When I used heat tools, such as a flat iron and blow dryer, my hair felt like it was about ready to just snap right off. It was so weakened by the lack of hydration. I noticed more breakage in my ends and had these white dots where I could snap my hair off from that point. They were left parched and looked very scraggly. It made my hair very hard to comb out and I lost a lot of hair having to pull on the comb so hard. The knots were the worst in the back of my head, but they were all over. The only good thing about it was the scent, which smelled very fresh and clean. It was very light and did not last long at all. I enjoyed smelling it while I was in the shower though. This damaged my hair and I will not be finishing the entire bottle.

Las Vegas, NV


Buy the shampoo and you have a PERFECT pair!


I had some coupons for this brand and I found them on sale....so what did I have to lose? I will say that the packaging is great! I was drawn to it. I am also the kind of girl that smells the shampoo and conditioner before I buy it....it smells amazing! Trust me! This conditioner works wonders! It does just what it says. It left my hair shiny, smooth and oh so soft! It was great! I used it with the Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality Shampoo and my hair never looked better! Definetly a great pair! They work very well together! I am not sure how it works with other shampoos, because I am the kind of girl that has to use matching shampoos and conditioners! It is a little expensive, but I find coupons for Pantene all the time, and I can find it on sale at Target a lot too! That makes for a great deal!

Saint Joseph, MI


Pantene Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality conditioner is sweet!!!


I have been using Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality conditioner for a week or two now (probably more like two) and so far I have no serious complaints, mostly just positive things to say about this product. It smells reeeeaaaalllllllly good, and I have always loved to have my hair smell nice. It seems to moisturize very well, and I like the fact that it has a thick, stiffer but still creamy texture so that it doesn't slide off your hand. My only thing that really even comes close to a complaint is that sometimes I have found my hair to be oilier than usual after a day, when usually it wouldn't be very oily at all. This, though, could be due to me using to much of this product. I suspect a smaller amount may not cause this issue, or if you have particarly rough, dry, frizzy, or thick hair this may not ever affect you at all. All in all, I really have enjoyed using this product. Try it!!

Van Buren, AR


Perfect conditioner


I have used different kinds of conditioner and this one goes great with the matching shampoo. It smells so great I love using it! I alternate shampoo and conditioner brands, but every time it's this guy's turn, I must admit, I love washing my hair! The consistency of this conditioner is quite thick. I worry about thick conditioner because I'm afraid it will weigh down my hair, but as long as you wash it out thoroughly it does just fine. In fact, there are some conditioners that seem light but still weigh down your hair! This one never does! And of course a little goes a long way so it lasts so long. I have recommended this brand to all my friends and family because it is affordable when you can find it on sale and have a few coupons to use too!  I just wish that it would come in bigger formats so that you can save on the bottles and so that you can save a bit of money. Also in travel sizes so I can take it to the gym!

Federal Way, WA


Doesn't live up to its name!


Somewhere and somehow, I have gained the knowledge that you should never use too much of a good thing, especially for too long.  I do not remember where exactly I heard this information, but I remember hearing that you are supposed to switch shampoos and conditioners every once and awhile for some reason or another.  Anyways, I had heard some pretty decent things about this line of products from Pantene, so I decided that it was time to switch over from Dove to this new line of Pantene products.  I am disappointed that I did.  I can definitely notice a huge difference with my hair.  I would say that I have normal to dry shoulder-length hair that is frizzy, curly, and unmanageable at times, and I would also say that this is not the product for that.  With the Dove Intensive line I could really tell a difference in the condition of my hair, and with this product I could also tell an immediate difference. albeit it was a negative one.  Overall, I really loved the scent of the product but that was it.  I really do not think that I would recommend this product.  It has left my hair, dryer, frizzier, and even more unmanageable...similar to what it was like before I started using Dove.

Cedar Falls, IA


This Pantene shampoo smells incredible


  I have been using  this   (along with the shampoo)    since it came out and my hair looks great!  It makes my hair smell wonderful all day long too.  I love to put my hair up while it's wet, then take it down a couple of hours later and the smell of the shampoo and conditioner is so strong.  It's very nice, calm and relazing.  It has made my hair  healthier, shinier, bouncier with volume and less breakage. I relax my hair every 9 months and I  press my hair as well with  this my hair is straight and sleek with no frizz and split  ends.  My hair has truly benefited, it has grown and amazing 2 and half inches since using. Which is great cause my hair has been shoulder length for a while and this product gave it the push to grow. I use the conditioner as a deep conditioning treatment as well by applying heat to it with a cap for 15 minutes.  Highly recommend it and lets not forget its completely all NATURAL!!

Kihei, HI


Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality Conditioner

3.6 7