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Conditioner for Damaged Hair
Pantene Pro-V Deep Fortifying Rinse Off Conditioner

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A one of a kind conditioner that goes deep to penetrate


This is one of the best treatments of conditioner I have ever used. I naturally have dry coarse color treated hair and I need a lot of moisture in it. I love how the Pantene deep fortifying rinse off conditioner goes deep into my hair shaft without weighing it down adding shine and making my hair look and feel a lot healthier. After just one use I automatically felt a difference in my hairs texture. My hair began to feel a lot lighter and it was a lot softer. I had no more tangles in my hair after. My hair was a lot easier for me to style and blow dry. It made me feel a lot more confident in my hair. Its a bit pricey but they sell it anywhere they sell Pantene products. I would recommend this for anybody with dull or brittle hair. This is like a treatment mask for your hair to feel restored and back to feeling healthier. It also has an amazing scent to it that lasts all day long in my hair.




Best conditoner on the market


I have tried many many conditioners over the years and seem to alway come back to Pantene.  My hair is thick, coarse and permanent colored.  I have a hard time brushing it after a shower if the condition I am using does not work well on my hair...then I feel I have wasted my money and time on trying a new product.  I always end right back up with using Pantene Deep Fortifying Conditioner.  It works well with my hair and rises off with a soft luscious feeling...that there tells me it is working for my hair.  I can always put a comb right through it and it really leaves my hair soft, shiny and very very managable!  Right along side the shampoo it goes and will stay.  I admit that on ocassion still I switch it up a bit an may go to another shampoo and conditioner but like I said I end up right back with Pantene products...I guess I should go with the saying...why switch something if it aint broke!! 


Derry, NH


Pantene Pro-V Deep Fortifying Rinse Off Conditioner

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