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Conditioner for Curly Hair
Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series Conditioner Curls to Straight

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works wonder on dry hair


My friend suggested me to try the pantene curly shampoo and now I am hooked, I love the shampoo and the conditioner and the spray gel.  This is a great product line that smells great works great and has a good line of styling products like the mousse and gel.  I was really impressed by the difference of texture in my hair after using a few times.  I really like pantene products and the curly one is one of my favorites!

Hot Springs, VA


From waves to straight


Even though my hair is not the curliest, or like Shirley Temple curly. It does have a wave to it and this product did help that. I'm not saying it made it perfectly straight but it did straighten out my waves. It also made my hair smooth and shiny, and barely have any frizz. It also smells so good and stays the same all day.:]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Westville, NJ


Good shampoo, but nothing special for curls


I have used Pantene shampoos and conditioners in the past with success so I was excited to try this product.  I was particulary excited to try the curly to straight version because I have naturally thick and curly hair that I often straighten.  Straightening my naturally curly hair is always a long and difficult process so I was hoping this product would make straightening my hair easier and make the process of straightening my hair go more quickly. I used the Pantene Pro V Curly to Straight conditioner along with the Pantene pro v curly to straight shampoo for one month.  I did not change any of my other hair routine like hair serum or a different.  After a month, I did not notice and improvement in the look of my hair and my hair took just as long to straighten as it had before I began using the Pantene curly to straight products.  My hair was full of moisture and smelled nice and looked great, it just did not straighten anymore easily than normal as I had been hoping.

Loveland, OH


Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series Conditioner Curls to Straight

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