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Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair
Pantene Pro-V Color Revival Conditioner

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This Pantene conditioner is good


I really like Pantene Pro-V Color Revival conditioner. It has a nice scent and is thick and rich when you are appling it. I have my both highlights and lowlights done at a salon and I have noticed that my color is not lasting as long as it used to but I am not sure if that is because of the shampoo I am currently using. This conditioner is a good replacement for more expensive products and I have used in the past.

Milford, MI


Panteene conditioner is bad for your hair.


this conditioner seems to make your hair healthier, but it only damages it while making your hair smell good and look shiny with its excess wax. i watched a tv program that compared how much wax was in several different top brands, and panteene had the most. what the wax does is it makes your hair look shiny, hold its place, and keep the split ends and frizzies straight. it does this while depriving your hair the oxygen it needs.

Seaford, DE


Keeps mu hair color in


Love love love this conditioner. I'm not changing it for a while. its like having that small bottle of conditioner that comes with the hair dye all the time! Although i swtich my shampoos, within the Pantene brand, I try to stick to this conditioner. It keeps my color lasting for a longet amount of time, while still hydrating my hair sufficiently. In dryer months, I sometimes have to use a smooting serum on my hair to keep frizzies down, but overall it does a good job. Its mainly to keep my color treated hair looking like its color. Of course, some fade happens, but its not terribly noticeable. besides, I think the fading of hair dye makes hair look more natural anyway. Pantene shampoo and conditioners is just great stuff. I changed from tresseme to it a while ago and I am not going back! I prefer salon brands for leave in stuff like smoothing serum or hair spray, but for shampoos and conditioners pantene does the trick.

Selden, NY


Pantene conditioner is the only conditoner!


This Pantene Pro-V is the only conditioner for me!  I have very long hair and thick and I can run a comb through my hair with no problem after washing it. I have colored my hair for years and sometimes I have gone very blond.  Pro-V leaves it so shiny,thick and non frizzy that it looks as if it is my real color.  I have gone to get my hair trimmed at different salons and everyone is so impressed with the color and texture they can't beleave it is all because of Pantene.  I have tried other conditioners for cheaper prices but its just not worth it.  I also have tried more expensive products and they were just a waste of money.  When even strangers walk up and touch my hair and tell me how beautiful it is and never cut it I know it must look good.  No matter the color, Pantene Pro-V is THE only conditioner for me!

Lynnwood, WA


pantene color revival conditioner made my hair last 2wks longer


I really like this conditioner.  The Pantene Color revival conditioner helped even out my hair color and seemed to boost it enough that I could go another couple of weeks before going to get my hair done.

Highland Park, IL


Pantene Pro-V Color Revival - Better than salon conditioner


If you want a color-safe shampoo and conditioner combination, Pantene Pro-V's Color Revival duo is your choice.  I have been using them for almost a year now.  I love the conditioner!  I have hair that tangles easily and is always a pain to comb out after washing.  But this conditioner leave my hair with just enough "slipperiness" that I can comb through with relative ease.  Combine this with a little Paul Mitchell Super Skinny before combing, and I'm good to go.  When you spend a lot of time and/or lots of money on coloring your hair, you want the color to last the full six weeks.  With salon brand products, I was disappointed.  It seemed that within just a couple of weeks, my gray was emerging again.  It made me feel old!  But I could not afford to color more often, nor is that good for your hair.  So I was thrilled to discover Color Revival and am very happy with both the shampoo and the conditioner. 

Stevens Point, WI


Pantene Pro-V Color Revival Conditioner

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