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Pantene Blonde Expressions

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this product does what it says, keeps your blonde blonde


I use hair color on my roots all the time...I dont put it on the rest of my hair because it will do too much damage. So, I need a shampoo that keeps the blonde from getting brassy looking. I use Pantene Blonde Expressions all the time and absolutely love it. It keeps my blonde blonde :)



Pantene Blonde Expressions = AMAZING!


I have been using this conditioner (and shampoo) for nearly a year now! Trust me, that is the longest commitment I ever made! I found that the secret to the conditioner is that you have to leave it in for about 3 minutes before you rinse it out. It makes my hair so soft and smooth and it makes the most beautiful waves my hair has ever been in! I tend to torture my hair by straightening it everyday, highlighting it, throwing it in tight bun with loads of hairspray. My hair should be either dead or falling out by now but it is still silky smooth with barely and split ends! I haven't highlighted my hair in almost 6 months and my highlights still look golden blonde! The color hasn't faded at all, but before I used this conditioner (and shampoo) my color would barely last 6 weeks. This conditioner is a life, money, and time saver! It smells really good too =]. I know it isn't designed to help repair damaged hair but it does a better job of it then anything I tried before! If you are considering it, you really should try it. I'm a big fan of all pantene products because they are reasonably priced, and extremely effective! Stay blonde girls!

Blairstown, NJ


it leaves hair greasy looking


this shampoo definitely gets the tangles out.  but no matter how much i dilute it with water, it always comes out looking greasy.  not shiny - greasy.  it does increase the brilliance of blond highlights, but that's not a plus if the hair looks dirty.

Rochester, NY


Pantene Blond Expressions is the way to go!


This wonderful product, Pantene Blonde Expressions is by far my favorite conditioner. Unlike how all the other claim to add shine and restore color treated hair, this one really backs it up. I will never use another conditioner again, and tell all my friends about it. even after a long day, in the hot sun, sweating, swimming, whatever I put my poor hair through, I know that going home, and getting to lather on that lovely smelling, indulging conditioner will was all the stress right out of my hair. Oh, did I mention it smells great? Because it does. IT's not only my favorite to use because of performance, and following through on its claims, but because of its insane and ridiculousy good smell. My boyfriend loves loves loves when I use Pantene Blonde Expressions and when I stayed at my parents house he can tell, because it does not smell as good! So ladies, this is really a product all of y'all need to try. Take it from a conditioner queen.

Maryville, TN


This is the very best conditioner on the market today


This I tried only after finding a whole box of samples for sale at a thrift store amazingly. I purchased several bottles of it not expecting much. To my surprise this conditioner is the best out of all the conditioners I have tried, It is better than Tresemee, that I thought was fairly decent. It is better than all the Avon blonde conditioners I shelled out tons of money on. It does what it promises to do. I have an instyler, and when I go to use it, I have absolutely no problems at all, it goes right through my hair, leaving the best shine and silkiness one could hope for, even if you wash your hair the night before and style it the next day. You have an amazing shine you will not get from any other conditioner. It glides smoothly in your hair, smells the greatest I have ever smelled from many types of scented shampoo you can now buy. It is the most amazing. Your hair is left clean, silky and smooth, and you can use this after even the most tangling shampoo and yor hair comes out perfect everytime.

Lees Summit, MO


pantene smells as pretty as it makes your hair look


i was born a blonde as I got older my hair darkened and I always want to be a blonde.So I started coloring my hair.When Pantene came out with blonde Expressions I was so excited about dicovering it because it helps your blonde color keep on your hair not washed down the drain and I color less. Just touch up roots. My hair is so much healthier now.  

Perkins, OK


Pantene Blonde Expressions

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